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Mathematical hair-do

Hair graphs a mathematical equation in 3-D space
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Each strand of hair is formed into a shape dictated by solving an equation in three dimensions and fixed there with a spray of gel. The equations will form a family, with graded parameters from front to back and centre to either side (if you wish it symmetrical) or it may vary smoothly from left to right (assymmetrical).

This would make for great conversations about one's head.

"Looks great. Just what is it?"

"It's an ellipsoidal differential bessel funcion, in the front, here, and it sort of slides into a laplace transform for the back with a touch of sinusoidal modulations for the sides"

neelandan, Mar 27 2002

African fractal hair styles http://www.rpi.edu/...ash.dir/afmulti.htm
I can't believe this exists. Includes a fractal cornrow simulator Java applet. [waugsqueke, Mar 27 2002]


       It would only be 'assymmetrical' if you had very long hair.
hippo, Mar 27 2002

       Vernon's a hippie?
thumbwax, Mar 27 2002

       can I have the double helical hair art? commonly known as a corkscrew perm?
sappho, Mar 27 2002

       I have to admit, I like the idea of walking in to a meeting, standing in front of the projector and using the shadow from your coiffure to illustrate your company's projected earnings.
phoenix, Mar 27 2002

       parabola = mullet
po, Mar 27 2002

       Mr Sealy, your hair is the dirac delta function.
sappho, Mar 27 2002

       It appears to represent the likelihood of him becoming President.
angel, Mar 27 2002

       Dreadlocks = String theory.
RayfordSteele, Mar 27 2002

       My hair is a totally random equation. Here comes the new idea for random number generators.
BALIKEKMEK, Mar 28 2002

       A doctorate in theoretical mathematics would be required of hairdressers!?   

       Omygod! That's totally hyperbolic!
jonathanhowell, Jul 17 2003


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