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Hair Mold

Hair Mold
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If you're going for some wild hair dew that takes hours of preparation and handfuls of gel why not develop hair molds. They be made out of plastic or foam and fit snuggly over your head. The inside would be shaped to your specific hair dew such as spikes or mohawk. Just pre-apply gel or glue and holes in the mold would allow you to pull your hair into the appropiate spaces within the mold. Now instead of contantly pulling at your hair to make it stay you can relax and wait for it to dry inside the hair mold.
bluestars1985, Jul 22 2001

Ken http://www.crosswin...dolls/faces/ken.htm
We can ALL be Ken! [gb2000, May 15 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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It's the "Thingummywig." Brought to you by Terry Venables. [calum, May 15 2002]


       Are We Not Hairdressers? We Are Devo!
The Military, Jul 22 2001

       What, no vacuum?
phoenix, May 15 2002

       Before I read the idea I thought this was some kind of Mold to rot your enemy's hair off.
Amishman35, May 16 2002


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