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Excellence Market

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Lots of companies now have a "commitment to excellence" or a similar corporate policy that includes "excellence" as one of its core values. But what if one company doesn't have the time or resources to be excellent, whereas another company is more excellent than they need to be? There should be a market where companies with excess excellence can offer some of it to lesser companies (thereby splitting some of their positive consumer ratings with the less excellent company, unbeknownst to the public) in return for a fair price. There is enough excellence to go around; we just need to find the right market to enable it to be freely traded.
phundug, Feb 13 2012


       Most of the brands Wal-Mart carries could use a bit more excellence. But if you take one single bit of excellence away from my Five Star Chocolate Bar I will... um... inflict a torture on you that nobody has ever seen before, but that will amaze everyone with its sheer ability to inflict anguish. I just haven't invented it yet.
Psalm_97, Feb 13 2012

       With so-called 'carbon credits' very quietly going out of style, 'excellence credits' could become the new intercorporate imaginary bargaining chip.   

       Oh, and don't mess with a working man's chocolate.
Alterother, Feb 13 2012

       [Phundug], are you Robert Pirsig? If not, I don't hate you.
zeno, Feb 13 2012

       One advantage of this scheme is that it would establish the real, monetary value of "excellence," as that term is used and understood in corporate value statements.
mouseposture, Feb 13 2012

       The real value of "excellence" in corporate value statements is well below parity with the value of "good intentions".   

       Real excellence is valuable, lip-service excellence - not so much.
AusCan531, Feb 14 2012


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