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Apply HB principles to running projects, and similarly, have fun running them in a self-paced public manner, and get humanity together.
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The "Home Base" is a place where you come to work on projects derived from great ideas discovered on Halfbakery, or other great places, and entertain while getting some of the more desired ideas to graduate sooner!

So how does this place work? In addition to familiar Categories and Ideas, a "Project" type is introduced, which can be added to one more ore Ideas. The ideas themselves are different, in a sense that it's less like a sandbox, and more like a forge, so you only include those ideas, that -- while may sound far-fetched, -- you'd like to see them through to fruition, possibly making into a business, rather than something necessarily uniquely original or something you throw out to discussion cause you'd not do it. The categories here are also different, in that they are trying to capture global or generic goals, -- a category is a goals class, because of linguistic pragmatics, or -- people and machines use categories to classify tools and methods to make them better retrievable for goals.

Finally, the Projects are such that:

- In place of of catchy summary, they have a functional mission,
- In place of categories, they have ideas that they are derived from,
- Instead of collection of links, a project has a list tasks and transfers,
- Instead of votes, it has funds (P&L) invested or divested to/from the project.
- Each project gets a virtual company (at least in our minds) and a banking account.
- Virtual company is defined as a mathematical set of monetary accounts linked or bound to a project.
- Project-dedicated monetary accounts can be:
-- your personal project-dedicated bank account or
-- your real company's dedicated bank account, or even
-- a cryptocurrency account, or
-- anything else that you use to trade on behalf of the project.
-- Consistency is the key, and ability to read all transactions automatically is essential.

The identities and monetary contributions are only linked, read and verified, not done here.

Everything else is pretty much as in tradition: the amazing community attention self-management algorithm lists items ordered by latest modifications, making projects evolve through long-term semi-stochastic voluntary contributions of interested netizens, at a relaxed pace, without todos or compulsory deadlines, driven entirely by the inspirations of doers that find it meaningful and fun to ping-pong about new done tasks and transfers added in public, -- sharing results and getting feedback about their unconstrained creative processes that they want to make part of a particular project by linking them as tasks to projects.

The projects stay atop as long as there are people coming back to add tasks, transfers, or talk about them, and may stay dormant for years, until someone rediscovers them with a new wave of inspiration to chip in, and then again it becomes hot as a well-funded startup or a heated discussion, as long as it remains interesting to at least some folks, and then, another production thread captures our attention.

Participation is completely voluntary, and it is user's responbility to make so that data sources have granted financial data for "Home Base" to reshare it with public or derive metrics from it and share them publicly.

Mindey, Mar 02 2020

Homebase https://infinity.family
Thought of it as taking friends on a spaceship to explore the universe. [Mindey, Mar 02 2020, last modified Mar 03 2020]


       I see people here thinking "So, how do we actually play that game?" Over here, the name of the game is finding a new fun way to look at things, to "out-invent." -- also, verifying if it is invented or not, it's like a race, and finally the voting business.   

       What could work for projects? What do you think? Wish... people could get together to build things. Today financial task management systems have one side of the coin, and accounting systems the other. Data in those systems usually held privately, yet business can also be a game at the public domain? Wondering, what would playful dolphin brains think about it.
Mindey, Mar 03 2020

       Chhhh: cack, cack, cack!   

       Well, that was what they said when I asked them, anyway.
pertinax, Mar 03 2020

       //I see people here thinking//
pocmloc, Mar 03 2020

       Worst Shyamalan movie ever.
tatterdemalion, Mar 03 2020

       // Chhhh: cack, cack, cack! //   

       Yey, dear dolphins. ^__^ It's like, yeah we need time to process until we can fully judge this. In the meantime, it's still baking, and I welcome your suggestions~   

       Just added a field, to let a project owner enter banking details in public. Cause, projects.   

       // Worst Shyamalan movie ever. //   

       I have to see one to understand what is meant by "worst" ([Mindey] looks at the ceiling, and sees the stars).
Mindey, Mar 04 2020


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