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DST government revenue

treat wage "witholding" as a set aside account that the person may direct as a portfolio this stimulates the private sector known as the productive economy
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I am thinking of ways government tax modifications support the economy as well as the currency basically treat "witholding" as a set aside account that the person may direct as a portfolio

the idea here is that all government revenues previously collected were either treated as cash or used on government paper; the people directing their own portfolio would actually provide economic stimulus to ndustry; basically govt just sits on revenue; but if the revenue accumulates at a side account the portfolio stimulates non government job creation which grows the actual productive economy

fatuously noting that a quarter of wages or more was witheld during thing 20th century this represents trillions of dollars of economic stimulus from merely allowing people to direct their taxes until the government actually processes the funds

if the person makes crummy nvestments they are still required to make up the tax, but as pretty much anything outperforms govt paper (even the paper of other governments or usa municipal paper) equivalence or better looks likely

its kind of like daylight savings time; It appears the difference between portfolio or cash taxation is deficit financing on the govt paper rate (3 trillion at 4 pt avoided govt paper) vs financing the 4 pt but letting people make greater than government return portfolios from the 3 trillion

the point being to lift the value of the currency while actualy stimulating private sector growth

brief rant: I think the currency fluctuation is a result of the iraq war raising oil prices with analysts looking to that effect on the actual future value of the economy; also I think the phrase "faith n credit" which might be described as "goodwill" towards us currency rested with the notion that the us would steer a responsible enough course to be worth nvesting at; govt paper was thought the non speculative part of a portfolio; a 30 pt fluctuation effectively removes all the value that idea had; govt paper is visibly high risk on a multidecade term; perhaps money is only worth goodwill valuation - the governments cumulative performance

It is possible the creation of regional government paper derivatives like california municipal paper plus london municipal paper is a much more predictable porfolio base

plus the idea is friendly; actual economists could figure it out; actual citizens earn more on their recently devalued wages while stimulating private sector job growth

beanangel, Apr 12 2008


       I think there might be some inflationary concerns injecting that much money (uncontrolled). Good idea, needs more reality. Neutral.
sprogga, Apr 13 2008

       On a large scale, a market slump would compromise the goverments ability to pay out. This doesn't seem a lot different to persuading people to invest borrowed money.
wagster, Apr 13 2008


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