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Exercise fork

burn calories while you eat
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Inspired by the diet fork, the exercise fork is designed to give you a little bit of a workout while eating.

It's made with heavy metal parts, so that just lifting it to your mouth requires using arm muscles. A gyro in the handle also makes it difficult to turn it toward your mouth. Plus, you only get one tine, unless you squeeze the handle hard, which spreads out the other tines.

Stop eating when you are full, or your arm gets tired.

ckiick, May 19 2009

Heavy metals http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heavy_metals
[normzone, May 19 2009]


       Read: heavy (metal parts), not (heavy metal) parts.
ckiick, May 19 2009

       I like it. A dull knife and you're all set.   

       With the precession of the gyro, when you try to turn it towards your mouth, it instead tilts and spills the food on your lap. Like it. [+]
skegger, May 20 2009

       To make a pointy thing that goes in direction of your head hard to control is... motivational.
loonquawl, May 20 2009


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