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Fine Tines

Straightens and sharpens forks
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Don’t you just hate it when you get a blunt-pronged fork that isn’t capable of penetrating bacon or lettuce? Isn’t it irritating when a mangled fork collides with a tooth or can’t be slid under food? Your worries are over when you remember to pack this mobile fork rejuvenator on restaurant outings and to dinner parties.

Enjoy the knowing and envious looks as you clamp a flawed fork into the patent pending forklift that firmly lifts and straightens bent tines as you turn the thumbscrew. Imagine the guests’ wonder as you calmly pedal the floor unit feeding power via a flexible drive cable to 12 self-adjusting, minute grinding wheels. Picture their surprise and delight as, amid a “Zzvzzvzzvzzv” and a cascade of sparks, a shiny, straight fork with pointy prongs emerges.

FarmerJohn, Aug 27 2002

(?) Fork Straightener http://www.parktool.com/tools/FFS_1.shtml
Oops...wrong fork! [DrCurry, Aug 27 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       This would put a bit of damper on Uri Geller.
DrCurry, Aug 27 2002

       very useful for when there are sons in the house who think that forks are some sort of swiss army knife that they can use as a bicycle tyre remover, screwdriver, hammer, chisel, etc. nice one.
po, Aug 27 2002

       po: That's why I have a Swiss Army Knife.   

       I think you can buy a Swiss Army Knife, Fork and Spoon camping combo tool .....   

       I am not convinced by the "pedalling" aspect - I would prefer something with the wonderful bee-in-a-biscuit-tin buzz of a 50cc 2-stroke chainsaw engine ....
8th of 7, Aug 27 2002


       I actually like my somewhat bent forks. They have personality.
madradish, Aug 28 2002

       [po] please educate your sons. The correct tool for safe tyre removal is a desssert spoon.
egbert, Jan 19 2003

       <sigh> its a sign of the tines <sigh>   

       [eggy] you got an extra helping of s's there
po, Jan 19 2003


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