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fork that lets you eat with your fingers
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Conventional fork with prongs substituted by fake finger tips, thus enabling those who prefer to eat with their fingers to do so using a proper utensil - additional chopfinger variation for oriental eating - i.e. chopsticks which also terminate in finger tips.
xenzag, Sep 21 2005

Finger Fork http://www.laughing...ian.com/sausage.gif
[jurist, Sep 21 2005]

The other side of this coin Silverwear
[normzone, Sep 21 2005]

wittle gween wake http://www.shutters...com/ pic-28636.html
[schmendrick, Sep 22 2005]

Similar idea. Eat_20With_20Your_20Hands
+ [sartep, Sep 22 2005]


       Coowie, I like this idea!
"Stop eating with your fingers!"
"I'm not eating with my fingers. I'm eating with my fingerfork! Duh!"

       Oh darn, I read it wrong again. I thought it was a fork-like utensile that you could slid over your fingers. Its your fault [jurist]!   

       By the way [xenzag] welcome to the halfbakery! Where screaming is optional.
Susan, Sep 21 2005

       Don't let my links distract you, [Susan]. You read the idea properly the first time. I just could not find a picture of a "fork ring" that had the tines pointed in any way that would be useful in eating, so I took a small liberty with the concept. [xenzag] may disagree with my sense of proportion.
jurist, Sep 22 2005

       I gave you a bun for a second but retracted it after trying to eat with my new imaginary fingerfork. ... I felt unfamiliar but uncomfortable sensation in my wrist when scooping up food ... I think it has something to do with the angles involved.
ixnaum, Sep 22 2005

       wouldn't this be like eating with a hand rake? link
schmendrick, Sep 22 2005


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