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Exhalation nose warmer

Nasal warming for those chilly days
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I have dreadful circulation and therefore at this time of year I find my extremities (fingers, toes, bum and nose) are permanently chilly. My boyfriend gets rather fed up with the coldness of my bits impinging upon his otherwise warm life and therefore tries to keep me warm by supplying me with thick socks and gloves. Sadly for him, there are as yet few accessories for the girl about town which serve to keep ones nose warm. When he is in a nice mood he will sometimes rub my nose to warm it, but never when I have a cold or other people are around.

I need the exhalation nose warmer [link]. A simple cone covers the nose (held in place with elastic a la party hat). A tube runs from this to the mouth. The warm air from exhalation passes along the tube thereby warming the nose and keeping all parties happy. I would imagine in very cold countries, there would be a need for a filter in tube to prevent water passing to the nose and freezing.

hazel, Dec 08 2003

Nasal warmer http://www.hazelmot...lfbakery/nosewarmer
Somewhat rustic illustration for a simple invention [hazel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Another type of nosecone. http://www.thatbebr...003/10/concorde.htm
(Hazel will understand). [egbert, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Grow a tail? http://www.halfbake...a/Tails_20For_20All
Not a problem (allegedly) [egbert, Oct 04 2004]


       I especially like the copper tubing. it's a whizz. I wonder though, whether a more discrete device might be made available perhaps worn intranasally ?
neilp, Dec 08 2003

       anything that keeps your nose warm is worthy of a croissant.
jonthegeologist, Dec 08 2003

       This will actually make the situation worse as the moisture from your exhalation condenses on your nose. You'll end up with a giant nosickle!   

       Some sort of air-tight face mask (like a ski mask) might work better. If you leave your mouth uncovered (and don't exhale through your nose), you might be okay.
phoenix, Dec 08 2003

       I once bought a clown nose at a circus in hopes of keeping my nose warm on the way home. Instead I got funny looks.
grip, Dec 08 2003

       The only problem I can possibly see with this is the amount of moisture that will collect on your nose, only making it colder as the heat from your breath dissipates. I had the same problem with my old balaclava. If I wasn't breathing to keep my nose warm, it utterly froze beacuse of the moisture   

       Very nice idea [+]
Letsbuildafort, Dec 08 2003

       The copper tubing would cool the air on it's way through. This would cause some of the moisture to condense out. Maybe you could use this to good effect, possibly by wrapping the tube down to a warmer part of the body (armpit?) via a small copper condensing unit. The moisture would condense out on the way down and could be siphoned away onto the ground via a hollow, furry tail or into a drip-bag. The air would pass through the tube under the armpit, and be warmed again by the body's heat. It could then be re-directed back up to the nose-cone through insulated tubing.
egbert, Dec 08 2003

       Indeed the condensation thing could be a problem - hence the suggestion of a filter in the tube, although I rather like [egbert]'s suggestion of using body heat in some way (though his version does require the growing of a tail). Various options are available - perhaps a replaceable cartridge with an anhydrous salt in? Or an ion exchange type membrane (we use Nafion in one of our mass specs to remove water vapour but I'm not sure of its capacity). Otherwise, as you say, nosecicle awaits.   

       Incidentally, I only coloured the tubing coppery cos it looked better. I had actually envisaged some plastic, insulated tubing.
hazel, Dec 08 2003

       You could put a spit valve in it, but I'd worry about that freezing, too. Plus I don't want to have to empty out my nose warmer...ever.
phoenix, Dec 08 2003

       Not sure if this is clear in the original idea (or ideal as we might say round here [egbert]), but I was advocating exhaling through the mouth, rather than nose as the possibility of frozen snot clogging things up would be too great.   

       And [egbert]'s nose cone is far superior *wipes away a nostalgic tear*
hazel, Dec 08 2003

       // Nice idea, but couldn't you just cup your hand over your nose and mouth and get the same results? //   

       well you could but what if you had stuff to carry in both hands?   

       i like this idea -- my nose is always cold too...
andromeda, Dec 08 2003

       The nose-warmer thing is OK, but I’m voting for this idea because you list your bum as one of your extremities. Brilliant.
AO, Dec 08 2003

       [RobertC] - it brings to mind a whole new area of fashion head accessories. Could presumably be manufactured in the latest fashionable colours or perhaps with feathers and sparkly bits for an evening look.   

       Sadly [AO] it's more of an extremity than I'd like.
hazel, Dec 09 2003

       [obligatory] "Does my bum look big in this?" [ob]
lintkeeper2, Dec 09 2003


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