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Nasal Filters

Nasally-fitted filters
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Why do we have nose hairs? I've seen reasons like "to help warm and moisturize the air we breathe" and "to filter particles".

Nose hair is just pretty damn gross.

How about getting intranasal electrolysis, and instead fitting synthetic filters intranasally?

Ever blown your nose after spray-painting? Ick! If you could pop out the used cartridge, and pop in new ones, it'd be a lot neater. You could filter out pollen, and other allergens, perhaps even electrostatically. No need to get one of those ugly face-covering masks.

ZediWarrior, Sep 18 2000

(?) Nose Filters http://www.abc.net....novatn/inofs708.htm
[DrCurry, Jul 08 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       This might do better as a tracheal insert, so it can filter air breathed through the mouth as well. It could also be water-resistant to avoid that "down the wrong pipe" problem.
egnor, Sep 18 2000

       Nose hairs offer olfactory perception [Factoid, your sex life would suffer somewhat if you pulled them all out] along with reasonably efficient filtering capabilities. It is likely that as the human race has evolved along with the increased output of waste, that we have more Nose hairs than 2000 years ago. An intranasal filter would make you a mouth breather and would likely cause serious [read:expensive] infections in eustachian tubes-too much moisture. Try sanding lots of cabinets without nose hairs, 'mmm tasty'- and your lungs 'oh boy'. Michael Jackson wears/wore a simple filter to alleviate/prevent symptoms and Asians from industrial/polluted nations probably inspired him to do so. The nose knows.
thumbwax, Sep 18 2000


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