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Escalator art

draw while you're slowly pushed up
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Angel tube station has the longest escalator ride in the whole of the london underground.

Holborn is also very long.

Tottenhamcourt rd has tried to spice up the escalator journey abit by introducing motion to the banal advertisements.

Londoners can be quite imaginative when given the opportunity to, so why not have a running scroll alongside the escalator ( at the same pace), so the bored commuter can make his mark ( however temporary) whilst being trudged up to freedom.

chocolateraindrops, Dec 04 2005

http://www.trainweb...rune/Statistics.htm random useless knowledge for the daily commuter [chocolateraindrops, Dec 04 2005]

Or one could try this. http://www.thebubbl...nifestoFrameset.htm
Bubble up, bubble down, bubble all around the town. [Trickytracks, Jan 13 2006]


       hey, this might get me on the tube again!   


       where does clapham south come on the depth scale?
po, Dec 04 2005

       I'd only be done for graffiti and vandalism again
Dub, Dec 04 2005

       I'm sure I've been up an escalator on the London Tube that had blackboards (chalkboards) every five or ten ads. And both the Tube and the NYC subway have tried providing graffiti space.
DrCurry, Dec 05 2005

       No, they were just adverts for //Cats// (the musical) that people _had_used_ as blackboards. :)
Dub, Dec 05 2005

       I always admire an amusingly placed bit of chewing gum.
Sad but true.
gnomethang, Dec 05 2005

       yeah, especially on the noses of photogenic women.   

       The dove adverts that had tick boxes, and actually had people ticking them shows people bursting with the desire to leave a mark.
chocolateraindrops, Dec 05 2005

       i got bored so i stabbed the pencil into the back of 3 salary men before the tazer took effect. if i had more time i would have sucked their blood and taken on their banal souls as my own.
benfrost, Jan 13 2006

       [bf], you lead am imteresting life. I think we need someone to follow you around with a <benfrostcam> to capture these moments.   

       As to the idea - maybe simply painting the walls with blackboard paint and providing chalk would be interesting.
moomintroll, Jan 15 2006

       from the name of this idea, I thought it would be about pictures on the actual treads. Think about it. You could be looking at an "up" escalator that had the faces of each treads painted so it would look like a growing bean stalk as the escalator was running. This would be perfect in a large toy, or childrens clothing store. Or in an Outdoor - sporting goods - camping store, you could be looking up at a "down" escalator that looked like a waterfall, or rapids, maybe even with paintings of bears catching fish along the side pannels.
-wess, Jan 17 2006

       in the natual history museum , you have the escalator when you're literally moving up into something.... I've forgotten.... is it the earth? or was it the moon?   

       Oh recreating scenes has been tried in the Underground. The wild forest mosaic scenes at Elephant and Castle, in the subways--- a good hoot!
chocolateraindrops, Jan 18 2006


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