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Exotic Restaurant Locations

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This is actually a few suggestions in one. I know there probably already are several exotic restaurants in the world, but how about these specific ones? ...

Build a restaurant behind the Niagara Falls. The entire wall facing the falls will be transparent glass, and the view will be breath-taking.

Build a restaurant on the Great Barrier Reef itself. Half-submerged, you can choose to dine on the lower floor, with a transparent 360 degres view of the reef and water, or on the upper floor, with an open balcony.

Convert blimps/airships into airborne restaurants. Open a chain of such airborne restaurants at each scenic national park and major city. Then make slow short flights that last about an hour, just nice for a leisuirely meal, picking up and dropping off clientale at various locations in the park/city. Possible extra profits from advertising on the exterior of the blimp.

Think of the novelty… and the profits!

baboo, Apr 11 2002


       I like the idea of the onw behind the falls. It'd have to be pretty tough to withstand the battering though. Eating on blimps was pretty much baked when they were used, as they were used for long distance flights. I think teh Great Barrier Reef has taken enough battering from pollution and coral fishers (not to mention starfish) without any further exploitation.
dare99, Apr 11 2002

       Noise would be a big problem at Niagra Falls, too. Big problem.   

       The Barrier Reef idea is cool, but you're forgetting the transportation requirements which would lead to pollution as [dare99] suggests. Might be easier to simulate the environment than use the real thing.   

       The blimp idea would be alright but would have to involve more than dinner. That would need to be a package tour / dinner / dancing gig. If you waddle a few miles off shore you could offer gambling, too.   

       How about a restaurant built into the side of the Grand Canyon?
phoenix, Apr 11 2002

       A restaurant with a glass ceiling underneath a road. As you eat, you can look up at the bottoms of cars.
Morbius, Apr 11 2002

       There wouldn't be much of a noise problem behind the American Falls at Niagara, since they are so much smaller than the Horseshoe Falls in Canada! (Yeah, right, size doesn't matter)   

       Morbius - what a neat variation! Build it under a major freeway on the edge of town and you could even choose your road-kill meal right from your table!
Canuck, Apr 12 2002

       How about leaving sites of natural beauty to be natural and therefore retaining their beauty, put restaurants with the rest of the concrete.   

       If you want to eat out there while enjoying the view you could always pop into my handy pre-packed picnic mart.
juanmanandez, Apr 12 2002

       Inside the bear cage at the zoo.
mrthingy, Apr 12 2002

       Now you're getting the hang of it, [baboo]! Although I wouldn't be interested in visiting any of these restaurant locations myself, this idea is exactly the kind of "it seemed good at the time" content that the HB thrives on.
BigBrother, Apr 12 2002

       possibly under Trafalgar Square in London. watch the visitors enjoying themselves and admire the architecture and the sense of history and possibly a glimpse of passing royalty and the pigeons... forget it
po, Apr 14 2002

       Got one here overlooking a lion enclosure.
Helium, Apr 14 2002


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