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Floating coffee shop

starbucks On the lake with a boat drive thru
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Java-Java, Location preferance-- lake couer'D Alene, Idaho this would also have a dockside for customers who want to come sit and sip there coffee and possablly a Wi-fi hotspot
Ozzy, Nov 20 2006

Float-Thru Service Float-thru_20Service
By [Worldgineer], 8/2003. Seems redundant. [jurist, Nov 20 2006, last modified Nov 21 2006]


       Could be charming if you have a lake which rents those little pedal-boats. More points if there's tables for getting out, and a long and none-too-safe bridge for the pedestrians set on wooden pilings. No, definitely charming. Bun.
Chrontius, Nov 21 2006

       my Idea for this would be almost like a floating island complete with an indoor cafe style setting as well as a floating dockside with outdoor picnik tables and yeah maybe even rent out those pedal boats with cup holders
Ozzy, Nov 21 2006


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