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Drink Coffee, Eat Bake Goods, Play video games.
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Hello, I have a idea that combines two favorite business, coffee shop and video games. My idea is combine these two business together. People are enjoying coffee with computers and books, why not video games? the gamecafe will be similiar to a cybercafe. There will be a secion to get your coffee and bake goods, the rest of the cafe will be filled with stations to play video games. The stations will have either (playstation, ps2, dreamcast, xbox, gamecube consoles) these will be hooked up to the Zenith flat screen monitors, perfect for gameplay with crystal clear picture and stereo sound.


Customers will get a cup of coffee, bake good, a copy of a game they want for a paticular console ,then go to the station where that particular console is located. The price would be around $2.00-$5.00 a hour playtime. We will sell and rent console and pc games, peripherals, and strategy books..

What u think, all responses positive or negative would be appreciated...

adp9, Aug 06 2001


       I've seen internet cafes offer network gaming on their PCs after their business got slack. However a potential problem with actual consoles is that controllers and other prehipherals are not designed for security and they could be easily stolen.
Aristotle, Aug 06 2001

       1. Use arcade games, not console games. That's what they're for -- taking abuse and consuming quarters (or dollars, these days).   

       2. Sell pizza, soda, and beer, not coffee and croissants. Target your demographic.   

       3. Totally baked. Lots of video arcades sell pizza, soda, and (where licensing permits) beer.   

       Note that it's a little difficult to play a video game while eating.
egnor, Aug 06 2001

       this is already being done in the philippines. :) on Wilson Ave in Metro Manila (near DLSU), and at the University Mall (name of the shop is Extreme-CS), they serve food alongside the great machines you game on. these are just LAN shops, though.   

       but in terms of console gaming, there are also tons of places where you're ALLOWED to eat while playing. they sell snack foods there. and at One Burgundy Place along Katipunan, they solved the theft problem by locking the console inside a plexiglass part of the desk where the TV sits, with holes to let the controller wires out. they unlock a door and put in the game for you (it gives them complete control and makes it look like service).
xunshin, Aug 06 2001

       i think adp9 was going more along the terms of a more...cozy atmosphere while gaming. and not arcade games -- CONSOLE games (Sony Playstation, Sega Dreamcast [r.i.p.], GameCube, et al). it offers more opportunity to play console-only games to people who can't afford the console itself.
xunshin, Aug 06 2001

       "these will be hooked up to the Zenith flat screen monitors, perfect for gameplay with crystal clear picture and stereo sound. www.zenith.com/cgi-bin/product_front.asp?ID_Product=119"
and the award for most shameless plug of the year goes to...

       For security, how about combining xunshin's plexiglass thing with a mechanical device that puts in the CD/cartridge, like a jukebox mechanism? I'd recommend the brightly-colored tubes that go with jukeboxes, as well, but that's just me.   

       And, of course, sell croissants in half-increments.
nick_n_uit, Aug 06 2001

       There are also multi-CD drives. I had this idea myself a while back, sort of. An arcade/LAN party. Had a hard time finding money...
StarChaser, Aug 06 2001


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