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Expandable Mannequin

One mannequin for many sizes of clothing
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This fully articulated mannequin will have telescoping limbs, plus a couple of special features. Because of those features, we will want the mannequin to have a kind of "skin" that can stretch. It is possible that the material used in making ordinary play-time balloons will qualify as suitable skin-material.

Imagine a section of arm constructed something like a classic wooden barrel, out of parallel slats. These would be attached to a hidden inner mechanism, not bound on the outside with iron rings. There will be a hole into which one can insert a crank-handle; turning the crank will cause part of a turnbuckle inside the arm- segment to rotate.

Now think about an automobile jack (linked) and note how part of it can get wider or narrower as its crank is turned. We don't need a lot of physical change here; fat or muscular arms are maybe 3 or 4 times as thick as normal arms. We could imagine two cones inside the arm-segment that move away from each other as the crank is turned. The space that the cones occupy gets smaller toward the ends of the arm-segment, so when the cones move into that space, all the slats making up the arm have to expand away from each other somewhat. The skin on the arm-segment stretches so that the slats remain generally unnoticed (and this should not be too-much stretching for that material to accommodate).

Now imagine all the arm, leg, neck, chest and torso-segments of the mannequin had this sort of individually-adjustable expandability. You could go to a tailor that has this mannequin and get a thorough set of measurements taken. The mannequin could have its shape adjusted to match those measurements. You can then leave knowing the tailor can create perfect-fit clothing for you, using that mannequin.

Vernon, Sep 03 2015

Auto jack data:image/jpeg;bas...KAUAoBQCgFAKAUB/9k=
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, Sep 03 2015]


       Dressmaking dummies are usually adjustable in this way, though perhaps not for arm and legth.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 03 2015

       [MB] Also, many dressmaking dummies don't even have legth.
cudgel, Sep 03 2015

       //legth// def. Unit of measurement for leg lengths.
xenzag, Sep 03 2015

       One could do this on a computer. And if the clothing on the models also changed in proportion.   

       Well you could see what that style looks like on yourself. Why buy something that makes you look bad ?   

       Most models on the runway are freaks. Most clothing drapes and flows better on the awfully tall and thin, but... they ain't normal.
popbottle, Sep 03 2015

       This is more than a bit off topic, but... with all of the word changes lately doing away with male/female titles I'm surprised that the politically correct term for mannequins has not changed to personnaquins.   

       As long as it has pictures.   

       <smacks forehead>   

       ha ha
popbottle, Sep 08 2015

       good +
xandram, Sep 08 2015

       This would be the perfect model to demonstrate Marty's auto-sizing jacket.
RayfordSteele, Sep 09 2015


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