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Grow to Fit

Clothes that get bigger when you wash them
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Imagine clothes that always fit no matter how many times you wash them. In fact every time you wash them - they get just a little bit bigger.

Appreciated, your wardrobe may become outdated a bit quickly - but at least that new piece of clothing you bought last week wouldn't shrink in the wash.

Clothing would have to grow at varying rates (as people of different ages and metabolisms will grow at different rates) - so it would not only have an initial size on the label, but a growth rate as well. Maybe this rate could be adjustable? - or just don't wash the item? - maybe some kind of additive to the laundry (ie. stabilizer) could prevent items from growing whilst still cleaning them?

egghead, May 13 2004


       I like it, I just dunno what you could do it WITH.
Letsbuildafort, May 13 2004

       'Her Indoors' [Incontinentia Buttocks] needs no further encouragement to broaden her arse from you my lad..
ConsulFlaminicus, May 13 2004

       It’s enough for adults that clothes don’t shrink. I once did an experiment and found—to my surprise—that clothes don’t shrink in the wash. They shrink in the dryer—at least for cotton and cotton blends. And they don’t shrink during the entire dry cycle, only during those few minutes when they go from wet to dry. So, the trick is to run a dryer load for a few minutes, letting the heat take out the wrinkles, and then hang up the garments, still wet, letting them air dry. <end consumer advice>
ldischler, May 13 2004

       "Imagine clothes that always fit ..."   

       "Maybe this rate could be adjustable ..."   

       Imagine there were more details on how this would work. Maybe I would vote for it.
dobtabulous, May 13 2004


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