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Expanding cape

Pull handle to enforce personal space
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In normal use, this appears to be a typical elegant, stylish cape, such as any gentleman might wear about town. The only oddity are the oversized tassles decorating it at the neck.

However, if you feel the need for a bit of space, just yank on the tassles. This pulls the concealed ribs beneath the cape into position via a cunning mechanism on each shoulder, in the fashion of the expanding frame of an umbrella, so that the cape expands perhaps two feet in all directions, preventing anyone getting too close.

Also useful in hot weather - expand and contract a few times to get a bit of air circulation beneath.

gisho, Aug 25 2014

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       This can be achieved equally well by the use of body odour.
8th of 7, Aug 25 2014

       " I just love the smell of your week old sweat. Could you rub some on the tassles of my cape? "
popbottle, Aug 25 2014


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