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Experiential Umbrella

Beat the heat with this one
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This one is specially for the tropical and the equatorial countries, where the scorching sun in summers is tough to beat. How about an Umbrella, with a cool blue shade and a small playback system incorporated in its handle which plays a track of falling raindrops as one walks down the road on a sultry afternoon. One can even have a small projection system (within the handle) projecting images of falling drops on the canvas above.The whole idea is to transcend beyond the physical and provide an experiential effect.
dezstud, May 30 2004

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       Beat walking in a hot sun.
DesertFox, May 30 2004

       I'd like this as art. You'd just have a box with umbrellas in one corner of the room, and a hot light on the ceiling. Opening the umbrella turns on the effects.   

       Could be solar-powered.   

       Maybe include a solenoid to imitate the vibrations of raindrops pushing on the canopy.
jutta, Jul 04 2004


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