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Brighten up those rainy days…
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Umbrellas are boring. Hum-drum, you might say.

However, the Humbrella brightens your day by playing an uplifting tune as you walked through the grey, gloomy morning on your way to your grey, gloomy job.

With tensioned, resonant panels like drum-skins, each tuned to a different, but harmonious note, your umbrella will produce a random, but pleasant, syncopated tune as the raindrops patter on its surface.

The hollowed ribs of the umbrella, with small, shaped openings at their tips, produce a gentle, melodious hum as the wind blows over them.

Your rain-soaked start to the day is warmed by a cheerful, resonant tune.

Streets of otherwise glum, damp commuters become a singing orchestra of ever-changing harmony.

Frankx, Aug 16 2006

Steeld Drum Urinals Steel_20Drum_20Urinals
By lostdog. This idea, inverted. Almost. [calum, Aug 16 2006]


       It's more of a Boomboxbrella.
ldischler, Aug 16 2006

       Hmm...might be deafening in a hailstorm
Frankx, Aug 16 2006

       + I like to have music everywhere.
xandram, Aug 16 2006

       I thought this was going to be a sort of humvee umbrella - twenty kilos of camoflaged, reinforced, bullet-proof rain protection.
wagster, Aug 16 2006

       WIBNI right in the text, but as the idea's plausible and innovative, +.
jellydoughnut, Aug 16 2006

       Hmm, you're absolutely right [jellydoughnut]...a wee edit called for...
Frankx, Aug 16 2006

       ...there. Better?
Frankx, Aug 16 2006

       I like it. Nice one, [Frankx].
methinksnot, Aug 16 2006

       Put a kazoo in the handle and you've got a one-man (person?) band!
Canuck, Aug 17 2006

       I was kind of hoping this would be an umbrella that got out of the way when it encountered a superior umbrella.
m_Al_com, Aug 17 2006


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