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Handheld Umbrella Heater

luxury personal item
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Put some fuel in the handle/shaft, along with a simple control. The umbrella part is sheet metal with smooth underside to reflect heat better. Really, just an undersized verion of the ones on stands at restaurants, so you can carry it around.

Horribly bad for the environment. Highly consumptive. Ideal luxury item. Best suited for rental at luxury travel destinations that have cold walks along the river.

Would allow carrier to wear skimpy clothing, which, when combined with the warmth of the umbrella makes them truly a hot item on the boardwalk.

sophocles, Dec 14 2005

Giant Heated Umbrellas http://www.parasolar.com/
This is Baked for those giant umbrellas that go over outdoor tables. Which suggests there may well be a market for a handheld version, even if you need to use a more portable technology. [DrCurry, Dec 14 2005]


       Unadvertised side benefit: Heated air makes the umbrella sheath lighter, and thus easier to carry in a heavy downpour.
jurist, Dec 14 2005

       + Cheap version could use those MRE heating pads.
Zuzu, Dec 14 2005

       [DrCurry] Yes, I've seen the installed ones. I'm proposing a half-baked handheld/portable version. I think another reason this would stay half-baked (at least in countries with lawyers) is that when portable, they would be quite dangerous. Kind of like a torch...   

       Still, walking by the Bund in Shanghai in December makes me still want one, safety & cost be damned. I think it'd work here.
sophocles, Dec 15 2005

       Though my brain-fart was far more spectacular, I apparently thought of this three years too late. Toasty bun.
thumbwax, Dec 17 2008

       //when portable, they would be quite dangerous//
So a combination of personal heater and personal flamethrower.... and it keeps you dry. I don't see a down side [+]
FlyingToaster, Dec 17 2008


       needs a "light" setting as well as "heat". (still +)
FlyingToaster, Feb 09 2013


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