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Inspired by bigsleep's In 2 days suit.
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The next step taken from the In 2 days suit originally posted by bigsleep.

Rather than setting one's elf on fire to keep from freezing when venturing outdoors in the new ice age, use the HotBrella instead. Based on an umbrella-style design we build a fuel canister into the stem with feed tubes radiating out from the center, down the ribs, terminating in dispersal nozzles aimed downwards.

To use the HotBrella, before you set foot out the door simply wield the unit as you normally carry an umbrella and press the button to open it, again as usual. When the HotBrella reaches full deployment the fuel begins to flow and a piezo igniter is triggered, and Viola! You have a curtain of protective heat keeping you from becoming, in the words of Corbin Dallas, "a meat popsicle". When you reach safety press the button again to shut off the fuel and retract the ribs.

Canuck, Apr 28 2007

bigsleep's In 2 days suit In_202_20days_20suit
The inspiration for this idea. [Canuck, Apr 28 2007]

warmbrella warmbrella
Electric powered, but same difference. [marked-for-deletion] redundant. [DrCurry, Apr 29 2007]


       So it's a little more complicated than the heated handle I was expecting...   

       Was hotbrella the only choice of name? I'd have chosen umbroiler.
fridge duck, Apr 28 2007

       This is assisted, then, by the tendency of hot air to fall?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 29 2007

       The fuel is forced out through the nozzles under pressure in a downward direction. This creates the curtain-of-heat effect necessary to protect your entire body from exposure to the extreme cold in bigsleep's new ice age scenario.   

       [fridge duck], umbroiler might be closer to the truth, especially if there's a cross wind.   

       DrC, if you read bigsleep's original idea that I took inspiration from you'll understand why the Hotbrella is designed to heat more just than the umbrella hand like the Warmbrella does.
Canuck, Apr 29 2007

       I'd have called it a pyrasol.
jaksplat, Apr 29 2007

       [admin: I'm ignoring the marked-for-deletion tag; the ideas not only are different technically, but one is realistic and helps me warm up on a cold day, the other from a fictitious movie universe where seconds of cold exposure mean death.]
jutta, Jun 08 2007


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