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Explain to literally an eight years old kid consultancy services

If you can explain your ideas to a kid without using the word synergy, then you are good to go!
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This is a service where corporate meeting can hire an eight year old to listen and comments on a business proposal or idea.

If it doesn't pass the eight years old kid test then it doesn't pass.

And the kid gets a head start at being able to afford University without a crippling debt in the future!

mofosyne, Aug 04 2019


       Some kids already come in an evil flavour. ?Title?   

       [mofosyne] What idea did your eight year old not like?
wjt, Aug 04 2019


normzone, Aug 04 2019

       When I was a kid this is what I thought "adult topics" meant.
Voice, Aug 05 2019

       This seems to be predicated on the notion that eight year old children are best placed to make key business decisions. The dearth of CEOs under the age of 10 would suggest that this is incorrect.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 05 2019

       To get ahead in business, there are those who go all out for "synergizing opportunitistics" but there's a fairly sizable faction who appear, almost by principle, to deal exclusively in concepts manageable by your average eight-year-old.   

       When presenting to them, it's important to maintain a level of savant simplicity, such that they can pass it on up the chain.   

       It's quite an art, because you have to deliver messages that wont be skewed in unwanted directions, especially when confidently promising to do X, you don't (through simplistic wish-fulfillment) get landed with Y.
zen_tom, Aug 05 2019

       On the plus side, many businesses would pivot into exciting new growth areas in sweetie manufacture, dinosaur and pokemon sectors.
Loris, Aug 05 2019

       Love this idea. Could also incorporate my shock collar activated by words like "proactive" and "paradigm" just to help people keep on task.
doctorremulac3, Aug 05 2019


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