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Resonance Fair

Bizarre where the only requirement is that proprietors attempt to make their wares resonate with their surrounding systems
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Once I tuned my house - so that for two weeks or so I considered every experiment in the house -- the guitar, the magnets, the plants etc, to be unfinished and left it in ballenced state so that after a while when I tweaked one, another would react, in an edifying manner.

What if you turned this into a traveling fair that went from city to city promoting (meditative contemplation of the ballence of everything, and then tweaking it?)

JesusHChrist, Mar 19 2014

Center for Bad Science http://www.popsci.c...tudying-bad-science
Finally, I am home [JesusHChrist, Mar 22 2014]

Tuned_20Room [spidermother, Mar 24 2014]


       + for the title. I'm not likely to turn this into a travelling fair, but would be delighted to see you or someone else do this. Be careful though, or someone will introduce autotuning to the house tuning market!   

       Fa la la la, la la la La!   

       p.s. sp:balance(d)
csea, Mar 19 2014

       In this case, I think "bizarre" is correct.
csea, Mar 19 2014

       [bigsleep], I think the resonances as described in the original post are not acoustic, but psychic, and only work if you believe in them. I don't.
csea, Mar 19 2014

       Do you have a fishbowl in your house?
normzone, Mar 19 2014

       The disharmony or disturbance in the system of spelling and grammar disturbs the balance and the resonance that implosion has in other systems leads to tweaking the imbalance but as represented in the idea both resonances exist in disharmony: the error in spelling, the bizzareness of thought in a certain discursive regime of truth versus the spelling correction and the rational scientific skepticism.
rcarty, Mar 19 2014

       Right dissonance is a sound metaphor for the resonance of imbalance in systems that exist in the universe. Of course the resonance exists in all the things in the universe and experienced in oneself but the universe amd onerself are INDISTINCT , oneself merely composed of some pretty random universe stuff. So the resonance of the guitar magnets and plants exists in the universe amd is experienced in oneself, so the resonance of an object and its effect of another object in the universe is experienced by the universe in a perceptual way in oneselves. Obviously this is scientific because interior design is a manifest phenomena, and the placement of objects in environments causes these resonances.
rcarty, Mar 20 2014

       You're a disharmonious part of the universe that doesn't want the universe reading philosophy and doing drugs.
rcarty, Mar 20 2014

       I think the particular lacing and intensity of the drug determines how much (dis)harmony you might experience.   

       [rcarty], I as your self-appointed psychiatric doctor recommend some quality time spent with a pickup truck and a dog.
RayfordSteele, Mar 20 2014

       [rcarty] makes sence to me.
JesusHChrist, Mar 20 2014

       [+] it seems fun, but it could be just a phase. I mean, would people find this fun just one time, or really frequently? It could go viral in 2014 & then, in 2020, they'd call it a sine of the times back then.   

       I guess there's a whole spectrum of opinion around this.   

       That (regrettably) said, I love JHC for this, as it makes me look at the plant in the corner & the ceiling in a new way, knowing now, that they are connected in so many ways.
sophocles, Mar 20 2014

       //no ... to philosophy and drugs.//   

       That's a bit harsh. I would say, rather, don't mix them until your metabolism has built up a substantial tolerance for philosophy.   

       Otherwise, you'll be sitting in the back of the pickup truck with your tongue hanging out while [RayfordSteele]'s dog drives you around.
pertinax, Mar 21 2014

       Too bad it wouldn't have all the cleavage of the ren fair...
normzone, Mar 21 2014

       In a sense cognitive dissonance is a perception of resonance in the realm of Idea, the resonance exists in the universe and in the simulated universe one's senses assembles. Science is a construct in the simulated universe for examining the universe in which the simulation manifests. Being fundamentally isolated from the universe in a simulated reality is an absurd state of the universe to itself. The atoms of the universe do not necessarily know they are atoms as organized groups of atoms have demonstrated in the past. The resonances of harmonious object-ideas and disharmonious idea objects are part of the underlying order of the universe that science itself is subject to but cannot observe because it is the noumena on the imperceptible side of Idea, and science examines only the perceptible side of objects. The resonance of disharmonious objects manifests as disharmonious ideas but because the resonance only exists inside the simulation science would conclude that is psychological. But in reality the psychological medium, the simulation, is the only source of objectivity. The resonances in the simulation exist at the object level.
rcarty, Mar 21 2014

       Love the title. (I'm not sure how many times I misread it), The idea itself makes me think about that cave, in Oregon I think it is, where this guy figured out all of the musical notes by tapping on stalactites/mites and then building an organ out of the whole cave.   

       //the universe amd onerself are INDISTINCT//
is a [marked-for-tagline] if'n I ever heard one.

       and... just because I "So" want to know if I think your words mean what I think they mean [rcarty], would this interpretation be correct?;   

       The vibrations of any consciousness, given an infinitely variable universe, will align or misalign with other consciousness to generate realities which coincide?   

       ...and that, for the first statement to be true then, the number of these coincidences must then also be infinite?   

       //plant in the corner & the ceiling in a new way//   

       Is it... is it, because both ceilings are glass?...
Is that it?
That's it isn't it?

       Resonates with me just fine.
rcarty, Mar 22 2014


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