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"Huh huh. You said-"
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A 6ft pole with three sections around - one with loofah type material, one with flanelette, and one with pumice. It sits in the middle of your shower cubicle, and you can scrub your elf silly.
Detly, Mar 08 2004

Simla, but different http://www.halfbake...back_20_20scratcher
[DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Suction Cup Loofah http://www.halfbake...tion_20cup_20loofah
Could be achieved with creative use of... [Detly, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Be good if the scratchy materials were fitted to a sliding collar about the pole such that the materials could be raised and lowered to the ideal levels for the part of you with an itch.
bristolz, Mar 08 2004

       A 1ft thick pole in the shower with you? (and the elf as well) Without lowering the tone, isn't it going to be crowded in there?
unclepete, Mar 08 2004

       Would it have various outbranchings for difficult crevices? You could only rub sticky-outy bits on a pole, not sticky-inny bits.
squeak, Mar 08 2004

       Thinking of Baloo, as DrBob said elsewhere, get a tree.
DrCurry, Mar 08 2004

       A tree would die if it had to live in your shower. Unless it you had a huge skylight above your shower, your shower had a good deep layer of top soil in it, you tree was a moisture loving variety and didn't mind soap and it didn't outgrow the cubicle. Potting on or replacing the houseplants would be much more exciting though. TIIIMBEEEERR!
squeak, Mar 08 2004

       <sings in shower> I'm a lunmberjack and I'm ok ... </sis>   

       Seriously - I would feel funny doing a pole dance every morning to clean myslef - would help with the flexibility, but I'd have to get used to it.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 08 2004

       I like this, although there just isn't space in our shower for a pole 1ft thick. A quarter pole would fit in the corner though. I have to say I am not enamoured with [squeak]'s outbranching for crevices. Not unless each person has their own expoliator and there's a lot of disinfecting going on. Eugh.
hazel, Mar 08 2004

       [Hurriedly adds "External Use Only" label.]
Detly, Mar 08 2004

       She's not really rough enough.   

       [Adds Demi Moore to list of things I do *not* want to see in my shower.]
Detly, Mar 09 2004

       OK, so there are people who don't mind a lower tone.... Perhaps what we are looking at is a 1ft Pole, these are closely related to the 8in pianists of ancient renown.
unclepete, Mar 09 2004

       [unclepete] *snicker*
squeak, Mar 09 2004

       [UB] You amaze me. Is it really? Do you have one? Oh dear, bad pictures, baaaad pictures.
squeak, Mar 09 2004

       Between this and [calum]'s Soap Disfigurement Drop Squad, I'm pretty sure today is "Scare MuddyBuddy into never showering again Day" at the HB. Which is unfortunate, being Muddy and all. It's damn funny though. Especially UB's pumice-encrusted dance partner. Might as well make it edible, too, while you're at it (the scrubber, NOT the dance partner). I haven't seen a "save time by eating breakfast in the shower" post for at least a day or so...
MuddyBuddy, Mar 12 2004

       A cornflake shower pole. Ummm...
Detly, Mar 14 2004


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