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Heater button for bathroom

House Temperature Thermostat Button in bath room
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My idea is for a button in your bathroom that you push just before you take a shower/Bath, which turns on the heat in the house for a predetermined time. Then when you leave the warm bathroom you don't freeze. The house returns to normal temperature after the time has elasped.

You could also hit this button when you are cold from being outside.

jonman, Jan 28 2003


       I have a "wake" mode on my programmable thermostat that can do just this - selective override of time and temeprature, for a few minutes up to the next programmed event.   

       The idea of a remote button is good. Could be done using "keyfob" technology. No wires, and safe in a bathroom - battery only. Croissant.
8th of 7, Jan 28 2003


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