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Hair-in-butt preventer

For the shower
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A common complaint among long-haired people is finding those long hairs between their butt cheeks when showering. As my hair gets a bit longer, I've noticed that once myself.

A solution is at hand! The Approximate Industries shower hair-in-butt preventer is a molded silicone device that you strap onto your lower back when you start your shower. Its top edge is tapered where it contacts your back, and leads into a smooth ramp, which leads down to a drip edge, about three inches away from your back. Embedded in the silicone is a leaf spring to keep it in contact with your back all the way across (like a windshield wiper's spring).

As shed hairs slide down your back, carried by water, they'll slide right down the silicone ramp and off the drip edge, falling clear of your butt!

Make sure you strap it on before you wash your hair. You can wash your torso under it/its strap, or take it off. Remember to keep it clean too—you can use the same soap that you use for your body.

48/343 [2018-03-13]

notexactly, May 19 2018


       Teflon might be better than silicone. Things can stick to silicone much more easily than they stick to Teflon.
Vernon, May 19 2018

       I don't think adhesion is really an issue here. The hair is carried in water that's flowing down the surface. If it was prone to adhering to surfaces, it wouldn't make its way to the butt in the first place.
notexactly, May 19 2018

       Now I know why I didn't date anyone with hair longer than their shoulders.
RayfordSteele, May 19 2018

       A head-butt preventer would be useful for those who go out for late drinks in most English inner cities.
xenzag, May 19 2018

       It's called a helmet isn't it [xen]
Skewed, May 20 2018

       The simple, down to earth problems are the great ones. But usually a simple down to earth solution is the solve.   

       Better than the here-in-but mentality. Which is usually easily fixed with memory loss.
wjt, May 21 2018


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