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Exponential Currency Denominations

For payment at a "sliding scale drinks" bar
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See the previous (sliding scale drinks) idea...

If our currency was printed in exponential denominations ($2, $4,...$1024, $2048, etc.) it'd be real easy to pay for your sixth, seventh drinks even if you were smashed. Tipping 10% might get a bit complicated, but I know I'm not throwing in an extra $102.40 on a $1024 drink!

Navy_Guns, Jun 21 2005

Sliding Scale Drinks [Worldgineer, Jun 21 2005]


       Two problems with this:
(1) Happy hour -- So much cash, so little time. and
(2) Promotions -- like in, "with every drink ordered you'll receive a ... " Damn! How happy can I be?
reensure, Jun 21 2005

       So what is $1, $10, $100? Perhaps you mean *binary exponential*?
ldischler, Jun 21 2005

       But currency at the moment comes as 1: 2:5:10:20:50:100....etc (from 1p up to £50, or maybe beyond). (Actually yhis may not be true for US currency - is it?). <> This is not quite optimal, but is close to optimal and more convenient, and you need fewer different types of coin.
Basepair, Jun 21 2005

       The US has the same paper sequence: 1 2 5 10 20 50 100, but the 2 is hard to find. Anyway, there's already an exponential in there: 1 10 100.
ldischler, Jun 21 2005

       1:10:100... that would be "base ten" numbers. We live in a "base ten" world most likely because we have ten fingers (gents could have imposed a "base eleven" system but that wouldn't be fair). You can't raise one to any exponent to get ten. Binary is based on two to the N power (like my sexual stalling tactics, ahem!) where the maximum number of different values expressed would be two to the N power where N is the number of bits to store the value.   

       Okay - good for sliding scale drinks, screwing, and not much else.
Navy_Guns, Jun 21 2005

       //You can't raise one to any exponent to get ten.//
[NG] You need a modicum of math here: 1 10 100 is 10 to the 0 1 2 power, just as 1 2 4 is 2 to the 0 1 2 power. Same thing—both are exponential.
ldischler, Jun 21 2005

       Quite true. I suppose that's why it's called "base ten". Perhaps I should cut back on the glue-sniffing...
Navy_Guns, Jun 21 2005

       Known   Desired
------- :: -------
H : V      D : X
Glue !? I LOVE glue. (Multiply means (V & D) and extremes (H & X). Solve for x

       Oh, three problems (3) How to keep up with bets over the next round?
reensure, Jun 21 2005


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