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Transparency for attorney fees
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A simple app which is basically a work timeclock on an attorney's smartphone. They run it (via a simple, single-tap start/stop homescreeen widget) whenever they are doing billable work, and their client has a companion app on his/her smartphone which keeps track and emits an audible 'cha-ching' tone, similar to the sound an old cash register makes, at each half hour.

That is all.

21 Quest, Aug 08 2014


popbottle, Aug 08 2014

       <crickets chirping>
21 Quest, Aug 08 2014

       I like this, sort of having the phones act out the exact scenario, and instead of you making your "ch- ching" joke every half an hour the phone does it. In a way the idea is to have the phones sort of become equivalent to the actors in the scenario.
rcarty, Aug 08 2014

       Attorneys might actually benefit from this too, as it would act as a reminder that constant unnecessary phone calls to your attorney are costing you some serious cash. Believe it or not, most attorneys don't like running up big bills for not doing real work, especially for smaller and individual clients. The reason attorneys insist on billing a minimum amount for every phone call is so you'll shut up and let them get back to doing their jobs.
ytk, Aug 09 2014

       I'd heard that before... Higher than necessary bills aren't conducive to repeat business.
21 Quest, Aug 09 2014


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