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Express Courier Wallaby Service

Shaken, not stirred!
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Maxwell lay in his bed, watching a documentary about gene splicing, that sorely tested his patience with its facile descriptions of how the technology supposedly worked.

He would scream if he heard one more mention of "miracle cure" or "magic bullet". It was infuriating.

At that moment, a furry creature he recognised as a southern hemisphere macropod (kangaroo) bounded into the room, pursued by a posse of nurses and security guards, skidding under the bed and tossing a package on the bed beside him as it disappeared from view.

It then gathered itself up on the far side of his bed, adjusted its hat, checked its pouch was empty, fixed Maxwell with a firm glance and bounded out of the window.

Maxwell reached tentatively for the package, which bore a number of large URGENT labels, and a sender's address from the opposite side of the globe.

"An Express Courier Wallaby", he thought, grinning to himself.

UnaBubba, Feb 12 2020


       What else could it have been, you silly naysayers?
blissmiss, Feb 12 2020

       Not recommended for fragile items, champagne containers, bottles of nitroglycerin...
RayfordSteele, Feb 12 2020

       But... but... I ordered a wallaby! Come back!
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 12 2020

       hahahaha. Your product just bounced away. Hahaha
blissmiss, Feb 12 2020

       Shaken, not stirred.
UnaBubba, Feb 15 2020

       For Consuls and Ambassadors, will there be a Diplomatic Pouch ... ?
8th of 7, Feb 15 2020

       Early trials of the service have yielded promising results:   

       From: [MaxwellBuchanan]
Sent: Wednesday, 26 February 2020 2:53 AM
To: [UnaBubba]
Subject: Re: Wallaby Express

       p.s. to last email - decided mid-afternoon was late enough. Can confirm that the rum is the elixir of life itself.   


       P.S. I hope that "elixir of life itself" quote is somehow prescient.
UnaBubba, Feb 25 2020


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