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Extra hour in bed for people born in the winter

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If you were, like me, born in the winter then in the spring following your birth, when the clocks switched to daylight saving time you lost an hour of sleep, which you only regained the following autumn, only to lose it again the next spring, and so on.
However, if you were born in the summer, you gained an hour of sleep in the autumn following your birth, lost this surplus hour in the spring, got back your 'extra' hour in the autumn and so on.

So this idea is that everyone who was born in the winter should be allowed a one-off extra hour in bed to be taken whenever they want, to put them on par with all those people born in the summer.
hippo, Oct 27 2003


       January birthday - yes please
po, Oct 27 2003

       You get as much sleep as the time you spend in bed (depending, of course, on your bed partner).
DrCurry, Oct 27 2003

       we wuz wobbed, I mean robbed.
po, Oct 27 2003

       I suggest moving to a different time zone to make up the difference.
phoenix, Oct 27 2003

       which way do I go? I am hopeless at this stuff. <? >?
po, Oct 27 2003

       I'd suggest the South of France.
DrCurry, Oct 27 2003

       is that the same time zone?
po, Oct 27 2003

       Depends on where you start from.
DrCurry, Oct 27 2003

       here, you fool!
po, Oct 27 2003

       "Here"? It's a pretty safe bet that the South of France is in a different time zone from here.   

       I was born in winter in a state that observes DST. In the summer, I moved east one time zone to a state that doesn't observe DST. Am I eligible for the extra hour in bed?
half, Oct 27 2003

       observe? is it a religious thing?
po, Oct 27 2003

       Well, from Tooting, you'll either lose an hour or gain a day, depending on which way round you go. Obviously, I recommend the latter. Either way, you're in the south of France, so who cares?
DrCurry, Oct 27 2003

       Leave there, come here, all will be well again.   

       Can we tell people we're lying on the SoFra (sofa)?
phoenix, Oct 27 2003

       Finaly, a perk for being a Scorpio.   

       And I shall catch some zeds whilst you catch some zees.
lintkeeper2, Oct 27 2003

       Zees the day.   

       What are you talking about [2 fries]? Scorpios are beautiful, intelligent and one of the best signs. You're lucky to be a scorpio! (don't get me wrong... I'm a taurus, but all the scorpios I know are beautiful human beigns).
Pericles, Oct 27 2003

       Well then I am very glad to know you.   

       po, yes observe... but political, not religious. Three US states do not observe DST: Indiana, Arizona, and Hawaii.
swamilad, Oct 28 2003

       I'd like to croissant this - because of the superb halfbaked logic... But you get BONE from me because I am a Summer child. If you think I'm going to let you have another hour in bed - without me getting one - you'd better have a re-think!
Jinbish, Oct 28 2003

       Ah well, [Pericles] - I must be the exception that proves the rule. I'm sure there's a joke about repeatedly crossing the International Date Line backwards so that you continually go back in time.
PeterSilly, Oct 28 2003

       Blah to daylight savings. I'm currently suffering the ill effects and personally would rather have dark afternoons than have to get up earlier. More sleep is always good though.
madradish, Oct 28 2003

       You've been thinking about this a lot, haven't you hippo? Croissant.
DrBob, Oct 28 2003

       Fishbone for discrimination against me. I'm about as summer-born a person as you can get.
squeak, Oct 28 2003

       I personally don't observe Daylight Savings Time.
grip, Oct 28 2003

       This is the best idea I've read in weeks. Yes++
-alx, Oct 28 2003

       Hmm - seems to be croisssants from the winter-born folk and fishbones from the summer-born ones (people born in the summer are very spiteful, aren't they?).

Maybe I should have said "Extra hour in bed for everyone"...
hippo, Oct 29 2003

       To make it more fair...how about an extra 9.863 seconds everyday? Otherwise (-)
silverstormer, Oct 29 2003

       OK, we've covered the winterpeople vs summerpeople thing, but what about us autumn folk? Do we get an extra half-hour in bed? And do the spring-born have to get up half an hour earlier? I'm sooooooo confused!   

       And what about the Newfies? (That's an inside joke in Canuckland - in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador, the time zone for the island of Newfoundland is different by 1/2 hour. This from the people who invented screen doors for submarines).
Canuck, Oct 29 2003

       if I was born in the winter months, I would abuse the HECK out of this idea. Any special break for those born in Alaska? ... I know it has no connection with the total number of hours in a day, but is there any compensation for folks born during a 24-hour "sun-up" spell? ... ya know, the whole "sleeping while its dark out" thing
Letsbuildafort, Oct 29 2003

       i think we should get rid of DST and live with what we get, it doesn't make that much differnece except make the world get up an hour earlier. however, i am a winter baby and therefore totally concur with the idea of me getting an extra hour in bed; although i am quite a fair person so i propose that everyone gets an extra hour in bed BUT those born in the winter get to go to the south of france, and we can have a colony of different winter born people, thus promoting international relations.
bezzzie1, Feb 24 2004

       well i can sorta see the logic behind this but as my birthday within a few days of summer solstice I am sorry but its a fishbone for you
slarti, Oct 20 2004

       erm. surely you winterborns only miss out on this hour once in their lives ?
neilp, Oct 21 2004

       This all depends on when you plan to die. if you died off-season you could flat out cheat everyone
shad, Oct 21 2004

       [shad] That would be bad karma. In your next life you'll be born in the winter, in a different time zone, so you'll be jetlagged at birth.
hippo, Oct 22 2004

       Maybe everyone that is born in the winter should move to Indiana (they don't observe DST there).
bspollard, Oct 22 2004

       Perhaps we could encourage Summer birthday people to die in Spring. Then everyone's happy.
paraffin power, Oct 24 2004

       Imagine the exhaustion problem for those who live near the international dateline and work on the other side. You have it easy.
raytork, Oct 26 2004

       Why not just have a holiday where everyone sleeps in and no businesses open until noon or later.
discontinuuity, Nov 04 2005

       Didn't that used to be called Sunday?
DrCurry, Nov 04 2005

       i'm still completely flumoxed by the fact that i *never* had, nor will *ever* have a july 27th 2001, due to a uk/oz flight i was on. what if that day had happened to be my birthday?!
daaisy, Nov 04 2005

       Talk to the people who were born on a Leap Day.
DrCurry, Nov 04 2005

       When the British switched to the current calender in 1752, the date went directly from being the 2nd of September to the 14th. It caused riots, presumably because lots of people missed their birthdays.
hidden truths, Nov 05 2005

       So, if we were really old, say 253 years old, we lost twelve days! WE was the robbed one, I tell ya!
Cedar Park, Nov 05 2005

       [hidden] - no, it caused riots because many people believed that the date of their death was pre-ordained by God and that the Church, by messing with the calendar, was shortening people's lives.
hippo, Jan 01 2006

       Wait, what? We haven't been doing this already?
Zuzu, Jan 01 2006

       This idea would be awesome...but I've already slept in my extra hour like 50 times already.
deathbyducttape, Jan 03 2006

       looks like you'd better take a couple of trips around the world to catch up.   

       Hint: it's easier near the poles.
footzilla, Jan 15 2006


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