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...by the year 2000 audit

Hold scientists accountable for their half-baked predictions.
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I enjoy reading the halfbakery, although I rarely post ideas. Half-baked ideas have always appealed to me and I always especially enjoyed programmes like "Tomorrow's World" and the "into the future" sections in childrens educational science books. One thing that always struck me was the assertion that we would be able to enjoy all kinds of futuristic luxuries "by the year 2000". This deadline has now come and gone and I have yet to go on holiday to the moon. Can we do an audit, identify innovations that have failed to meet the year 2000 deadline, and get the pseudo-scientists to give us an update or eat their words.
lostkidstent, Oct 31 2001

Age of Aquarius, is it? http://janfox.com/s...lyrics.htm#Aquarius
Wonder how many of these claims have come to pass. [Guy Fox, Oct 31 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Man, what's that? ablowout at 30,000 feet? http://www.moller.com/
Yep! ze carz, they iz flying now... da plane boss, da plane... [Starmanz, Jan 16 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Alf's link working now http://www.futurliner.com/
[engineer1, Oct 04 2004]

2038 bug http://www.2038bug.com/
[hippo, Jan 03 2006]


       ...and thus shamed, they are forced by the other scientists to leave their secret hideaways, underground bunkers and remote island labs, never to be heard from again.
phoenix, Oct 31 2001

       sort of like a really long list of every single thing ever that should be available by 2000... sounds a little boring to read... If you can think of an interesting way of doing it then you can have a vote...
RobertKidney, Oct 31 2001

       I think Conan O'Brien deserves a nod for doing the "In the Year 2000" comedy bit starting about late '99, and still doing it here in 2001.
hinkle, Oct 31 2001

       Baked. A bunch of commentators did this at the time.
DrBob, Oct 31 2001

       rapture? eh rapture? what rapture? what have I missed?
po, Oct 31 2001

       How about entire meals in pill form?
stupop, Nov 01 2001

       I want to be able to buy a flying car after I pass my driving test.
kaz, Nov 01 2001

       I'm still waiting for the incredibly life-like replicants that can feel and think for themselves as Phillip K. Dick seemed to think there'd be back in 1992. We've got the world in turmoil part, sure, but how come we're not escaping to go and live on the outer-world colonies?
CoolerKing, Nov 01 2001

       <Obligatory Wolverine-style "Hey 'Bub. I don't like your tone of voice">   

       And umm... no, I haven't. But don't worry, I know where Google is...
CoolerKing, Nov 01 2001

       <Homer>Of course, it's so simple... No it's not, it's needlessly complicated</Homer>
Oh, so *that's* what those voices in my head were. But why were people living in the outer-world colonies wanting me to skip my lecture and watch old episodes of Neighbours instead?
CoolerKing, Nov 01 2001

       well, to be fair, it's kind of nice that we all made it past 1984.
How about a pre-emptive audit for "In the year 2525..."
lewisgirl, Nov 02 2001

       I listen to Radio 2, remember.
lewisgirl, Nov 02 2001

       Damn, lg. I was trying to think of a way to work the 2525 thing in. Keeping on the musical theme, though, hasn't the moon been in the Seventh House and Jupiter aligned with Mars, by now? Is peace guiding planets? Is love now officially steering the stars. I think we may need to audit the audacious claims of Age of Aquarius also. [BTW, you're a easy listening fan, if I recall, yes? If you have sound on your machine, check out the link for a cool synth version of Hair - like pan-pipes meets steam organ meets stylophone].
Guy Fox, Nov 02 2001

       I remember Space 1999 offering us moon bases AND flanel pyjama-like clothes. Just imagine how comfortable we all could have been.
[ sctld ], Nov 04 2001

       I do notice one thing. We may not have flying cars yet, but, have a look at automobile styles and technology. We have shape and body styling never seen before now. Sorta look like spaceships. If your granddad had seen these cars when he was your age, what might he have thinked?   

       Also we have cars that utlize gps. Cell phone technology. Multimedia capability. Tires that won't go flat when punctured, and monitor their own pressure. Airbags. I could go on like this for hours!   

       I guess that what I'm trying to say is, in alot of ways, we ARE driving cars of the future now, the only thing they aren't doing (yet) is flying. Maybe by the year 3000...
Mojo, Nov 04 2001

       If this years cars are the cars of the future, then give me the cars of the past any day (except for the Ford Ka). From the squareness of the Toyota Celica to the awful round headlights on the Hyundai Coupe to the pure ugliness and hearse-like qualities of the Chrysler PT Cruiser, these cars are the kind that Daphne & Celeste would sing about (anyone who doesn't know who they are, you really don't want to).
CoolerKing, Nov 05 2001

       ...and only 54 days for 2001: A Space Odessy(sp?) to happen.
CoolerKing, Nov 07 2001

       UB always thought it was high und dry
po, Nov 07 2001

       How about an audit for the stupidity of the wants of the years 1999 minus minus?
hagfish, Nov 07 2001

       Actually kidz, cars *are* flying now (see link). lewisgirl, I always thought you were a TOG, sweetie!
Starmanz, Jan 16 2002

       // This time next year we'll be driving "cars of the future" again. The organic shapes of today hide a basic structure unchanged since the last great age of organic styling: the Thirties // Sorry, but they never had hybrid gas/electric vehicles in the thirties.
Corona688, Jan 18 2003

       Dood ---- where's my personal rocket belt!   

       Here's to the Futureliner! http: //www.futurliner.com/
elegyjay, Apr 20 2004

       //How about entire meals in pill form?//   

       I've been wondering about this recently. Does anyone know if we could do this yet? I'm pretty sure that dreadful things would happen to a body that grew accustomed to such a small volume of food so even if we could we probably shouldn't but I would be interested to know if it would actually be possible.
stilgar, Jan 01 2006

       It's "off-world colonies".
normzone, Jan 02 2006

       Back when everyone was worrying about the Y2K 'bug' I'm sure I saw someone with a "Prepare for the Y2038 bug" t-shirt (See link for explanation of the 2038 bug).
hippo, Jan 03 2006

       Thread started 10/31/01- its 01/18/2006 and i just got it... DOEE
SpeedkillZ, Jan 19 2006


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