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Extract of Musical Taste

Like vanilla extract or peppermint extract--a concentration of musical appreciation.
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<Spur-of-the-moment>Create a taste/scent analogue of great artists' appreciation of music. Surely BB King, for example, hears guitar riffs in a way the common bloke can't. You would have these amazingly evocative extracts bottled and then when you opened them for a brief time you might get a hint of the richness of other peoples' perception. I wonder what they would smell and taste like?</Spur-of-the-moment>
Dog Ed, May 30 2001

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       Hmmmmm... Or how about that popular half-baked duo, The WIBNI Brothers?
globaltourniquet, May 30 2001

       globaltourniquet: Sigh. You're right, claro que si.
Dog Ed, May 31 2001

       [Expiry withdrawn.]
jutta, May 31 2001, last modified Jun 02 2001

       jutta: Not really a pun but definitely sparked by the MTE 2000. Really I'm thinking of a sort of synesthetic art piece depicting music and personality, expressed in the medium of smell/taste (the image of a concentrated essence, like real vanilla extract, is what caught me). But very much a WIBNI so I will let the expiry stand.
Dog Ed, May 31 2001

StarChaser, May 31 2001

       taste/scent of music?   

       If there is a pill, I take it... gimme, gimme!
noyola, Jul 13 2003


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