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Extreme Clay Pigeon Shooting

Variations on a theme of shooting clay frisbees
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(Inspired by ack, ack)

The National Association of Extreme Clay Pigeon Shooters would like to welcome you to our open day. First of all, you'll notice that our clay pigeons are shaped like REAL PIGEONS. Sure, they don't fly like 'em, but who cares? Our members get a deep feeling of satisfaction from seeing something that looks like a real bird cartwheel madly across the sky. We say, if you're gonna flout the laws of physics, might as well do it with style!
Here's a quick introduction to each of the four classes of event you'll see today:

1. Traditional: A team event. Each three-man team is given a World War II vintage anti-aircraft gun. As part of our contribution to world peace, we use land mines for clay pigeons - you get a much better bang, and you help support the arms industry while it tries to find soemthing worthwhile to do.

2. Modern: A solo event. Using a Goalkeeper anti-missile gun with all automatic targetting removed, the contestant tries to shoot down land mines by basically replacing the sky around it with depleted uranium. Not as much fun as it sounds, more a specialist event.

3. Freestyle. BYOB, basically. Rather than clay pigeons (which are small and difficult to hit) we tend to use a steam catapult and launch cars into the air for this one. Okay, your window of opportunity is smaller, but the target is much more satisfying. People generally find this is a good way of finding out who in the neighbourhood owns an Uzi, and is a bit scary.

4. Inverted. Guns are catapulted across the sky, and contestants fire clay frisbees at it. My personal favourite.

Find us in the beer tent afterwards, and once you've got your hearing back I'm sure you'll agree it's a mighty fine sport!

moomintroll, May 18 2005

Would you be shooting these? Endangered_20Species_20of_20Skeet
[Mr Burns, May 19 2005]


       "real bird cartwheel " (+)
"depleted uranium" (-)
"Not as much fun as it sounds" (-)
"launch carss into the air" (+)
"Inverted" (++)
"beer tent" (+)
Total = (+++)
Erm...can anyone loan me a spare croissant or two?
hidden truths, May 18 2005

       Hey, where's [krelnik]? I wanna hear this story about him taking this sf writer to shoot at bowling pins with a machine gun.
moomintroll, May 18 2005

       You had me at inverted.
justaguy, May 18 2005

       I assume BYOB = "Bring Your Own Blunderbuss"   

       If you wanted the Inverted style to be really extreme, launch the marksmen, and have them fire at stationary targets while in mid-air.
nick_n_uit, May 18 2005


       [2 fries] Where?
hippo, May 20 2005

       Should be part of an obstacle course somehow.
RayfordSteele, May 20 2005

       Or should involve a roller-coaster
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 20 2005

       It's ok [hippo] it was only a decoy.   

       Sorry [hiddentruths], I've just split my remaining buns between [moomintroll] and [nick_n_uit] for the two interpretations of "inverted".
wagster, May 20 2005

       Can anyone give me an example of an activity that is less enjoyable when inverted? [+]
daseva, May 20 2005

Mr Burns, May 20 2005


       Nope, I just walked inverted all the way to the coffee, and it was pretty darned fun...   

       Though, If I did it all day long, I can see your point, anyway.
daseva, May 20 2005

       An example of an activity that is less enjoyable when inverted: walking inverted.
my-nep, May 20 2005

       So, inverting the inversion of anything that is less enjoyable when not inverted is less enjoyable. Thanks.
daseva, May 20 2005

       a really exiting version: the land mine is flung *at* the shooter. Don't miss! ;)
quadmaster, Jan 18 2008


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