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gyro yo yo

added gyro for stability so it doesn't tilt if sent down correctly
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Yo yo with additional gyro

powered separately and in advance, or powered by excess push power of downward yo, or ending yo when caught.

If yo yo sent down in correct direction, wont tilt.

Another, simpler, solution would be to use a ribbon rather than a string. Are there ribbon yo yo's around?

OK lmgt4u... found it. So back to the gyro.

pashute, Mar 13 2011

Ribbon yoyo http://lmgt4u.com/?...n+yoffy+ribbon+yoyo
I never saw one before [pashute, Mar 13 2011]


       I'm trying to visualize where the gyro would be. Would it be inside the yoyo core around which the string is spooled, or orbiting around the outside where it would stop the string from unwinding?
rcarty, Mar 14 2011

       I would imagine a small flywheel in each side of the yo-yo would do it, each with a one-way clutch (working in opposite directions). That way, no matter which way you yo, one will be running to allow additional stability. Unfortunately I see this having dreadful effects on yo-yo behaviour.
Skrewloose, Mar 14 2011

       I think I have seen ones like that, [screwy].
pocmloc, Mar 14 2011

       This sounds far too much like a stripper move to me. All I see is barely clad woman, swirling on a sort of string pole, that bounces up and down. That's just me, you know.
blissmiss, Mar 14 2011

       skrewloose exactly.   

       rcarty, it doesn't stop the string from unwinding, it stops the yoyo from tilting, and then the string getting all tangled because of that. Keeps the yoyo stable.   

       bliss, why? Please give me a search term that returns that kind of an image. Or similar words that give you that association to this idea. (And welcome back, hope it worked out for you)
pashute, Mar 17 2011

       Crap. Scooped again. ][+][
I swear I was just researching the history of yo yo's and trying to find a patent. Then I typed yoyo gyro into the hb search to get here.

       Well done.   

       I don't think that a ratchet mechanism is necessary. [Screwloose] got it right with the flywheels incased in each half of the yo yo.
The spin imparted to each flywheel will remain relatively equal and increase in speed a bit with each toss. The handler could also then increase the rotational rate of one side or the other with flicks of the wrist when casting for bizzare tricks.
In my head it works anyway, for what its worth. +++

       //barely clad woman, swirling on a sort of string pole, that bounces up and down. That's just me// Wait, what?
mouseposture, Aug 26 2011


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