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Human catapult landing pod

I blow my nose in your general direction.
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The problem with using a catapult as a joy ride is the suddenness at which the ride ends. I envision a big tube the rider gets into. After taking an arms at the sides position some air bags are inflated. A transparent top is put on that also has air bags, keeping the riders head from bouncing around. The canister is shot into the air by the catapult and a cord eventually pulls a pin to inflate six external air bags. These let the rider bounce to a soft landing like the Mars Lander.

The rider might want to be able to indicate whether the ride has a high trajectory or is low and long. The low and long would probably make for a more interesting landing. Especially if shot into some terrain with ramps and jumps like a skate board plaza. For more fun a third bag, fully sperical, could be placed over the others and inflated before takeoff.

cjacks, Oct 01 2005


       F=MA. Do I REALLY have to explain this?
zigness, Oct 02 2005

       Considering the number of catapult ideas, it might be a wise idea. Perhaps what we need are standardising of people's weights.
hidden truths, Oct 02 2005

       No zigness I understand F=MA. But we have already seen that people can withstand the acceleration of a reasonably sized catapult. It is the deceleration at the end that is the problem. I think the operative equation is F=DM. Fatality = Deceleration * Mangling   

       I propose putting these at schools. Schools have become way to passive and in turn abstract. After experiencing this ride the students will have a better appreciation of Force = Mass times Acceleration, conservation of momentum, gravity, parabolic trajectories and such. To get a ride they would have to turn in a correct scientific homework.   

       Or to be given a ride, without the external padding, they fail to turn in their homework. The gene pool would be much improved if we brought back rights of passage. (Not to mention the population problem.)
cjacks, Oct 02 2005


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