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Eye Jousting

zen sport of mutual skill sharpening and management
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Eye contact is transactional and technology will be able to measure it and augment it... a few years down the line. For now we will content ourselves with the zen sport/ marshal art of eye jousting where players face eachother, make eye contact, and then after each natural break in eye contact, close their eyes and hold out a thumb if the think they won the joust or a pinky if they think the other person won. When they open their eyes, if they agree then both get a point, if they disagree both lose a point. Game lasts until score is 10.

I think the direction, distance, and speed with which gazes bounce off eachother is what determines the transaction vslue of eye contsct, but I sm not sure. This gsme would be s good wsy to experiment. The close eye time could last for a long time and be s eay to meditate on and sharpen the perceptusl skills around remembering the feeling immefiately succeding eye bounce-away.

JesusHChrist, Mar 22 2013

Watch out for this guy.... http://www.youtube....watch?v=a1Y73sPHKxw
I'm told he's the champion... [RayfordSteele, Mar 22 2013]

look in my eyes trainer for ipad #autism http://mplayit.com/...rain-2/id/478677990
[JesusHChrist, Mar 22 2013]

Samsung S4 Eye Tracking http://www.bbc.co.u...technology-21791023
[JesusHChrist, Mar 23 2013]

Google Glass http://www.google.com/glass/start/
[JesusHChrist, Mar 23 2013]

Braco the Gazer http://www.csicop.o...how/braco_the_gazer
pronounced Braht-zoh [JesusHChrist, Mar 23 2013]


       I'm not going to make any brackets to track the champs. Reason: the pointing system is ripe for collusion and abuse. I see mutually-agreed ties at 10 in which one opponent agrees to lose all rounds.
RayfordSteele, Mar 22 2013

       s = a ?
normzone, Mar 22 2013

       so much promise in the title...
FlyingToaster, Mar 22 2013

       It's a non-competitive game, with both players ending with the same score, 10. If the goal is simply to finish play as soon as possible, after briefly making eye contact, one player clearly throws (avoids eye contact) the first and following 9 rounds, both agreeing on that result.   

       Played legitimately and well, a pair of evenly matched players trying to out-stare each other, it's an exercise in honesty, overcoming ego, and consensus forming. But if neither player will admit to losing, each always thumbs-upping, the game will continue 'til they quit or someone collapses, their mutual score dropping into deep negative numbers.   

       Sounds like something fit for corporate team-building training sessions - the creepy, uncomfortable kind.
CraigD, Mar 23 2013

       or any ride on the Tube east of Aldgate...
not_morrison_rm, Mar 23 2013


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