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golf ball warriors

an order of fighters trained to fight using golf balls
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when playing golf ,obviously some golfballs must get lost. some of these may turn up later. how much later? how long would they last? how about [in post apocalyptic times,after this civilisation has gone] a warrior order based on the martial art which uses these strange spheres crafted by the ancients ,weilding awesome golfic power.[hit enemies]
technobadger, Aug 02 2001


       Retro-cool. A lot of golf balls from one local course end up in the McKenzie River, which moves a fair amount of sediment so there's a chance some of the balls will end up at the bottom of a gravel layer and all set for fossilization.
Dog Ed, Aug 02 2001

       When I was a kid into taking things apart, my friends maintained that if you got the white cover off, and cut the rubber band wrapping, the core would explode. And inside the hollow rubber core was a nasty acid. I doubt that either is true, but both features would improve the ball's utility as a weapon. I do know for certain, though, that if you boil a golf ball, the white shell will melt (or at least soften).
beauxeault, Aug 03 2001

       When I was young (read: idiotic) I cut open a golf ball. Under the sheath was a layer of rubber-band sort of stuff wrapped tight and it kind of unraveled in a neat way when cut. Then the ball slipped and I sliced my hand with the knife, so I never found out what was under the rubber bands. Now that I'm old (read: still idiotic) I have bought some roll caps for use in igniting prototype Flaming Golf Balls. Maybe today...
Dog Ed, Aug 03 2001

       The older golf balls (at least the ones that I took apart) had a core of nothing more than just those rubber bands. If cut correctly, the ball of bands would shoot off a constant stream of rubber, uncoiling as it flung off pieces of itself in every direction. Dunno the possiblilty of using that as a weapon, but it would be a pretty neat distraction as it lasts for 15-30 seconds if flung on the ground.   

       Unfortunatly, new golf balls have just a solid core.
Lucky_Setzer, Aug 03 2001

       The old rubber band balls were a lot of fun. Hacksaw off the cover, and just nick one of the bands with a knife...Minutes of fun.   

       Just plain rubber centers, sometimes hollow, occasionally liquid filled. And no, it's not a poison.
StarChaser, Aug 04 2001


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