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Gu Fi Do

The way of humor and self defense
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1. The best way to fight is to not have to fight.
2. The best way to fight is to stop the fight.
3. The Way of Dance steps and endless training is not enough. The Way of Gu Fi Do is to defend yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

A student of Gu Fi Do will be required to learn at least 7 of the major martial arts defense strategies with perfection. In addition, The art of Gu Fi Do requires that the student learn total physical control of their bodies. It is paramount in the humorous arts and in Gu Fi Do to be able to use physical humor as a factor in disengaging enemies.

Cross the Stooges with Jackie Chan?

(If anyone can suggest a more appropriate PinYin name, I would be very glad to change the name. I tried, but English to Pinyin is not quite up to par on the net right now.)

Zimmy, Nov 19 2006

Smiley face boxing gloves... Smiley_20Face_20Boxing_20Gloves
...similar idea, without the years of training. [pertinax, Nov 20 2006]


       Sensei, how do I deal with anger?
jmvw, Nov 19 2006

       Anger is normal. Anger is right. Anger is something we can exploit.
What is Anger? & Why?
A step beyond love? ...
What better way to express love than laughter - at the right time.
Gu Fi Do - We wonder how to spin from Yang to Yin with words towards those whom us oppose.
Zimmy, Nov 19 2006

       As a WWJCD guy (What Would Jackie Chan Do ? ) I think he pretty much topped the Stooges (video, not audio), but the sentiment is appreciated.   

       It's one hell of a discipline on my fifty year old body, but the crowd reaction from the youngsters is worth the pain when you throw yourself through a window that the glass is about to be installed in.   

       I think the seven disciplines thing is a bit overwrought though. At heart I'm a pointy things and hot lead kind of guy, if only because all that training hurts even more.   

       I can count my sword fighting lessons on my fingers - how are you doing on your Pilipino stick fighting, anyway?
normzone, Nov 19 2006

       "Do not do anything useless" Miyamoto Musashi   

       [normzone], I am not advocating mastery in 7 styles, just recognition of defensive & offensive moves enough that one could understand & counter.
The ability to break form in a style without compromising your defense is key. Breaking form in a humorous way, of course.
Zimmy, Nov 19 2006

       I really enjoyed Drunken Boxing. My personal style closely resembles Gu Fi Do, although I am ignorant of any of the 7. I follow the way of the big chicken.
jmvw, Nov 19 2006

       I confess, I picked the number 7 out of the air.
Zimmy, Nov 19 2006

       Go Fi Ga - That is funny. I think Do might be close to Dao in my meaning, though.
But, Go Fi Ga - as a Brooklyn fighting school - wouldn't it work? There's already an element of humor used as self defense in there if you look close enough.
Zimmy, Nov 19 2006

       This is a beautiful idea.   

       I can see three problems:
1. You'd have to guess your opponent's sense of humour.
2. Old jokes aren't funny, so you'd have to keep changing your repertoire.
3. The effect is likely to be temporary. Also, the move most likely to make your opponent laugh mid-fight is a move that puts you in a vulnerable position. Then you'll have to get out of that vulnerable position before he stops laughing.

       I suppose a solution to problem 3 might be to use the moment to steer your opponent into some completely different form of interaction, other than fighting. However, you'd need more than just physical comedy for this; you'd need a whole panoply of head-messing techniques, and a fairly suggestible opponent.   

       <philological pedantry>I thought PinYin was for Chinese, whereas the '-do' suffix was Japanese (e.g., bushido)?</pp>
pertinax, Nov 20 2006

       >>Old jokes aren't funny, so you'd have to keep changing your repertoire.<<   

       I would have to guess that in the capable hands of a true master of the Art that any Joke becomes a formidable weapon.
jhomrighaus, Nov 20 2006

       The open hand may still conceal a slapstick, and like nyuck chucks made from rubber chickens, the crouching Tigger may contain hidden Pooh.   

       -Lenny Bruce Lee-   

       Silent film star Charlie Chaplin is accredited with the dubious honor of inventing the din mock or deaf touché, but urban legend has it that Marcel Marsowhatchulookinat; father of mimjitsu was the first to utilize this soundless yet knock-em-dead technique.   

       -Kung Fool Weekly-   

       [pertinax], You completely understand what I was thinking of.
I did find that Do was usually used for Japanese or Korean styles, but couldn't work out a Japanese name that seemed to fit. The Chinese and Korean translators I was trying to use returned characters rather than the roman letters I was hoping for. I kind of gave up after a while and used the Gu Fi Do title (I have no idea as to it's meaning) as I was a bit sloshed from having just watched (& celebrated) the OSU Michigan game (I was born in Ohio).
Zimmy, Nov 21 2006


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