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Eye Tracking And Demarcating Sunglasses

Lenses That Allow People To Interpret Eye Rolling Gestures And Identify The Target Of Gaze
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sunglasses are important for a great number of purposes. they aid in professions involving glare, are good for protecting your eyes from uv, people who have sensitive eyes can also wear them in order to protect their eyes.

unfortunately, wearing sunglasses in a social setting can make it difficult for people to catch some of the more subtle body language inherent in eye movement. rolling your eyes, or motioning to something with them, even maintaining a piercing glare all become difficult to achieve when wearing lenses with any useful level of tint. it is also difficult for people to see the direction of you're gaze, to the point where they're never sure whether you're looking at them or not.

in order to rectify this situation, i feel that a type of sunglasses that have an image of your eye projected onto the outside surface can go a long way.

there are a number of ways that this can be done. this first of which is turning the lense of the glasses into an lcd with a pair of small video cameras on the inside frames that create the image on the screens.

this can also be achieved with a sophisticated assembly of eye tracking equipment set up to tell an arm on the frame of the lenses where to hold a translucent plastic cutout of you're eye relative to the screen. while this method would involve a bit off excess weight sitting on your nose, it would have the added benefit of keeping other people from wanting to borrow your sunglasses.

tcarson, Jul 09 2006


       ...or one can just *lift* their sunglasses for a moment to show that expression if needed..
xandram, Jul 09 2006

       Kind of puts a damper on my girl watching efforts, and it somehow manages to avoid all the nifty high tech equippment that could easily be used for this purpose, such as lasers, implants, and holographic technology.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 10 2006


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