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Dynamic Transparency Sunglasses

Glasses that darken, mostly.
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Ok, so it's quite apparent what this idea is,, I will try to expain:

Imagine glasses that use some technology to make portions of the glasses darker, on the fly. You would be able to darken out most of the field of view, while allowing what you are actually looking at to be un-darkened. A camera follows your pupils, which lets your glasses know where what direction your eyeballs are looking. The sunglasses then darken all portions of the sunglasses except for where your eyes are focused.

Extra feature: it would have a camera facing out, to block extra heavy light. Say you are trying to look into the sun. It will detect the direction of the sun, and, calculating the position with reference to your eyeballs, will make a portion of the eyeglasses extra dark. allowing everything to be brighter because your pupils don't have to contract as much.

This idea would look exactly like a cartoon. A spot follows your eye direction, it would look like large eyeballs on sunglasses. This way, you can't stare at the girls without them knowing.

twitch, Jan 13 2009

Same concept http://www.gizmag.c...-dynamic-eye/17087/
woot! feels good! [twitch, Nov 28 2010]

Kickstarter project for sun-following sunglasses http://www.kickstar...ectronic-sunglasses
I like the invention, but I'm betting this particular project won't make it--it would need a lot of design and marketing help. [jutta, Nov 29 2010]


       I had to bone myself, for bad spelling, grammar and punctuation. Better luck next time.
twitch, Jan 13 2009

       Ok. So nix to the\my up-skirt voyeurism.   

       How 'bout the cam ( when I'm not looking into the sun ) ? Can it grab some person on the street footage ( for the foot fetish ) ? Or snap a few quick pics of Hot Babes?
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 13 2009

       Haha, idea validated. see link!
twitch, Nov 28 2010

       The glasses almost need the crystal structure to dynamically change spacial orientation with the direction of the eye so the light rays can only enter on a line with the line of sight. Link only blotches section of vision.   

       Liquid lenses, electro - static/magnetic manipulation of crystaline structure in liquid medium. Sounds pretty futuristic. The eye following is done and dusted though.
wjt, Apr 02 2021


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