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Suit for the eye

Smartly dressed and bright eyed
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If you are someone who wears eyeglasses (such as this particular baker), you'll know that dirty specs are an unfortunate problem that requires immediate fixing.

I often employ the nearest piece of material for this job which envariably is a shirt. This is not ideal and often serves to smudge the lens and not clean.

I hate that. Smeary glasses.

The solution : functional fashion. A suit with the ideal glasses cleaning material (that small bit from your case), sewn into the inside of the suit or trouser pocket.

jonthegeologist, Apr 19 2005


       Why not? you could have different cloths for different purposes.
skinflaps, Apr 19 2005

       Until that day, sew a bit on the back of your tie.   

       [skin] - did that mean what I think it meant? Or did it mean something else?
wagster, Apr 19 2005

       I have this problem. +
DesertFox, Apr 19 2005

       Me too+
zeno, Apr 19 2005

       Actually, I just let my glasses get dirtier and dirtier until my vision is reduced to 50%, then I wash them if I'm near a sink when I'm thinking about it.   

       Or I just wear contacts.
disbomber, Apr 19 2005

       Suits yeux sir, suits yeux.
neilp, Apr 20 2005

       we can't all borrow your cloth though [UnaBubba].
neilp, Apr 20 2005

       ...or you could have the suit tailored from shammy, hey that might make a decent overall.   

       //...or you could have the suit tailored from shammy// (chamois)   

       Hey, then you could stand at the end of the car-wash line and run a car-drying service with your suit!
disbomber, Apr 20 2005

       //(chamois)// Isn't that a paint color?   

       Kidding. I was picturing the commercial with Al Jolsen in a tux on one knee saying, "Shammy, shammy"   

       It's just ewe.   

       So it's not a pair of trouser legs to put over the... erm... arms of your glasses, and a pair of shoes and socks to go on the ends?   

       That's a thought, has anyone done that one yet?
Saveloy, Apr 20 2005

       feel free [saveloy].
jonthegeologist, Apr 20 2005


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