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FIFO wash kit

A personal wash/shaving kit bag where you can find what you need
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Having recently started going to a local gym, I have discovered one small daily annoyance: I keep having to rummage around in my toiletres bag (wash kit, shaving kit, cosmetic kit, depending on your nationality and gender). I generally use things in the same order every day: soap, shampoo, shave cream, razor, deodorant, hair brush, toothbrush and toothpaste, moisturizer, foot powder. With my typical top-opening single zipper wash kit bag, this guarantees that I need to dig to the bottom of the bag for most every item. Yes, I know there are ways I could manage this (e.g., take them all out at the start and put them back in in the reverse order that I use them) but the ones I can think of are either too fussy or require counter space which is often at a premium. But there must be a better way that just sort-of works right.

Here's the idea: a FIFO toiletries bag. It would have two zippers into the same compartment, one on each side, perhaps at opposite top edges. To use it, open both zippers. Take things out on one side, and put them back into the other side. Although some small items might get out of order, this pretty much keeps things in the order I tend to use them.

lee, Apr 09 2001


       Blimey! With all that tarting yourself up, I'm surprised that you have time to do any exercising.
DrBob, Apr 09 2001

       I like PeterSealy's idea on this better than the Lee's toiletry tube. Also isn't there some sort of hygiene category where this would be more at home?
dgeiser13, Apr 10 2001

       Why not just one Universal Grooming Device (combined shaver/ hairbrush/ toothbrush / nail clipper / toe floss) plus one tube of Universal Grooming Unguent ( combined shampoo / toothpaste / foot balm / skin lotion / mouthwash / nose spray )? Great for travel, even though the latter doesn't taste quite as nice as Crest.
rmutt, Apr 11 2001


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