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'Carlo has confirmed that you are opponents.'
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I get a charge out of a good debate or two, and while Facebook keeps the Mrs. entertained reading people's 'status updates' I find myself simply wanting to post snarky comments on it usually. I suppose formal debate sites exist by the baker's dozen, but one with Facebook's structure, where you can connect with people that you know hold opposing viewpoints to your own, might be an entertaining way to get your ya-ya's out. If you're the type that is shy of Facebook for work reasons, be doubly careful here.
RayfordSteele, Sep 27 2009


       "Book him, Plato"
reensure, Sep 28 2009

       I argue a little bit on Facebook, but it's very public so i think you have to be careful. Many fora on the internet seem to be as you describe.
nineteenthly, Sep 28 2009

       Just dress up your political point as a new invention and post it at the halfbakery... errr... hang on...
vincevincevince, Sep 28 2009

       I had a very similar idea a while back. Two people could argue an issue and other members could vote on which argument was more convincing.   

       Then I realized this would turn into a giant, self-validating, asexual clusterfuck like everywhere else on the internet where people are encouraged to post opinions.   

       Still, [+] for the self-validation I received reading your idea.
Laimak, Sep 28 2009

       Laimak, you moron...this idea doesn't validate your idea, at all. :-)
blissmiss, Sep 28 2009


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