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electrRfid-e Club identifier

In the near blade runner future, dating tech has went further
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Estimates from 1963 estimated that we would be living on the moon and drinking upside down moonbucks lattes with sugar, covered, sugar water.

Recently, their has been some innovation in the social-networking scene.

Have you ever heard of RFID? Well, rfid (i think its right) is basicallly means radio frequency identification id and basically a modern version of the metal detector in which you used to steal CD's from tower records.

Since RFID technology is coming upon us and that one of these days, employers, just like that washington mutual commerical, where they stamp numbers on you and track you for penis enlargement products and such.

NOw, combine RFID + Social networking + the ever expanding market of dating = you ge tthe

"electi-RFid-e club identifier" (i wasn't always good with math, especially adding english....)

Since everything has tags, nerds like me can finally find someone who suits us. In collaboration with froogle and Census data, our little cellphone app detects the RFid tags using an algorithm that detects certain key features based on meshing certain statistical data and works in the following manner:

GOLD Digger analysis -Usually women "hunt" men in crowds. Therefore by using mesh technology, the products in which are detected by mesh analysis (which associates certain products with certain demogrphics of women provided by marketing data and geographic appeal). There are certain products which usually light up this filter and is generally are most used feature.

Free-loader analysis -usually to detect people who play "games" and to detect potential seductionists and "10's", Usually how it works is that in the proximity of alcohol pursases, if the person orders more than one drink (likely 5), than likely the people around that person are free loaders. it doesn't read but merely detects the wireless debit/credit card frequencies (conversely....it can be used to find free drinks)

"LUCKY" person -since our little app has a 150 foot working radius, how it works is that the purchases from the condom dispenser and can differentiate between small, medium, and large.

Coordinated dancing -You thought there was actual "dancing" on the floors these days. Well how it works is that when it sense multiple, similar, outfits in a close proximity (as for some reason...they do...) than they are likely coordinating dances.

bad pick artist/scary person -How it works is that the algorithm makes a spatial map of the club using google earth and when a high amount (usually 4-20) clear way for a certain person, usually in the middle of that is the scary person.

By using our little device, you can filter your searches and statistically know where you can find you match....at least financially.

In future versions, we will integrate:

"Psycho" -using a direction sound device, fluctuations from low pitch (sobbing) to high pitch (screaming/angry) will truly tell if they are psycho troughout the day.

CHarmer -Using a combination of the gold digger technique and "regular girl" technique, it analysis the movement and general approval rate of a good charmer. Usually is known to not buy much and be followed by others (in droves)

hidden language analysis -Tells if what they say really means it or subcontiously means it. It tells it by saying an oxymoronic word phrase

Of course, there are other applications:

FOOD SNOB-Tell if they can tell the difference between ketchup and catsup

vegetarian/environmentalist/feminist -Picks up an issue of an indepentant local magazine and garlic to go.

Blonde-meter -A repetition of the same word, likely "like" with a frequency higher than once were 5 seconds.

NOTE: Does work for non-capitalist people, though we are working on it....Through Organic Vegetables..

Thank you and have a good day

compatta, Jun 01 2006

Proximity Dating http://www.gizmag.co.uk/go/3685/
Basically the same thing, without all the nerdy overdesign. [moomintroll, Jun 01 2006]


       //Have you ever heard of RFID? // Hmmm - you haven't been here long, have you?
moomintroll, Jun 01 2006


       Rinsing Fish Is Dangerous.
skinflaps, Jun 01 2006

       This idea needs RFID.   

       Actually - fish, although the idea is good - actually it's too good, and it will be real soon - and it scares the bejeezus out of me.
epicproblem, Jun 01 2006

       // This idea needs RFID.// ....no it doesn't. [linky]
moomintroll, Jun 01 2006

       Yep, this idea is baked in Japan.
RayfordSteele, Jun 01 2006


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