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Face Shield Scrolling Text

Be completely understood.
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Communicating with our masked and face-shielded coworkers during this current pandemic is difficult, as the various protective layers muffle the voice.

Voice recognition technology translates the spoken word into a scrolling text similar to that at the bottom of television news broadcasts and displays it on the face shield.

whatrock, Sep 04 2020


       I trust this will be compatible with a "Star Wars opening crawl" effect. [+]
pertinax, Sep 04 2020

       This is brilliant. Obviously, it would need a microphone inside the (inner-most) face-mask; or REALLY good voice- recognition software...
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 04 2020

       Daft Punk springs to mind.   

       Daft Punk had one of these?
whatrock, Sep 04 2020

       ^My guess is lighting effects only. Text would be too hard to read from the synthing crowd.
wjt, Sep 04 2020

       //Daft Punk had one of these?//   

       Well the lettering scrolls sideways and I don't think it is speech-to-text but, yup.   

       I didn't factor in the honking great video wall behind the stage.
wjt, Sep 05 2020


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