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free flow air distancer

Instead of mask on face mask on shoulders
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Held up like an umbrella from the shoulders (see link) but instead of covering you from above its closed from the sides, and has a large horizontal slot above, that lets the air indirectly in from above, and another large slot on the bottom or set of slots that stop and catch your spit but let the dry air out even if you sneeze.

You can hug, you can be cheek-to-cheek and neck-to-neck, because its flexible, and you can even feel the lips from a kiss but most of the time it's away from your face and does not hinder your view.

It allows you to make mass events like ball games and weddings and elections and big demonstrations, without worrying that what happened in Israeli schools will happen to you. (We reopened the schools, but nobody kept to the rules and now we have schools closed down with hundreds of new cases of COVID).

Made with those metal bands that give the Magic-Shade its shape, but from clear plastic.

pashute, Jun 07 2020

nubrella - the link I refer to in the ihbea https://www.shutter...-when-shooting-rain
[pashute, Jun 07 2020]

I meant this one. simpler https://www.pintere...n/10907224067678492
although its not called a nubrella [pashute, Jun 07 2020]

See the hugging contraption https://edition.cnn...us-ebof-pkg-vpx.cnn
[pashute, Jun 07 2020]


       I added some explanation of why I think its a good idea. and three links. Anybody here left that knows how to draw, and can help me?
pashute, Jun 07 2020

       Soon, not needed in slightly isolated NZ.
wjt, Jun 08 2020

       We also thought so.
pashute, Jun 08 2020

       [wjt]: FREEDOM! (Well, mostly...) Isn't it great to live in a sensible country?
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 08 2020

       Congrats to NZ who today pronounced it's elf virus free. Must be nice. Chicago is holding us back or we'd only have a handful.   

       As for the idea, I actually love it. The mask makes me claustrophobic. I like yours much better and no I can't draw. Watercolor only and it would all run together, sorry, pashtey.
blissmiss, Jun 08 2020

       Thanks, yes it is good to get back to a bit of physical sociability but a few businesses have been lost. Our borders are the next concern till the rest of the world evens out the position.   

       Aside : The Nubrella photographer pic just made me imagine whether a photon makes a big bulbous nubrella-like EM field deformation around the electron, for the wave collapse to lift an electron a level .
wjt, Jun 14 2020

       //the rest of the world evens out//   

       Barring an egregious fuck-up (which could happen), Australia will be joining you in a few weeks - nationally, we only have six cases left in intensive care, and most of the states are reporting zero new cases. I worry about other countries, though; I have a vicar friend in England, and his colleagues are doing a lot of funeral services, especially in poorer neighbourhoods. Good luck, everybody.
pertinax, Jun 14 2020


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