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Fan Boutonniere

A boutonniere that looks like a flower but has a fan to blow away cigarette smoke
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I hope that is spelled right. The fan could be built to look like a pretty flower and could be really small and quiet. On it there would be a little switch that you could flip on when you are talking to a smoker so it blows their smoke out of your face. It also could be turned on as soon as you enter a party and could run all night keeping your face smoke free. Smokers could even use it on rainy days when they don't want their smoke to hang on them all day. I think it could be powered by a small battery that is attached to it somewhere on the inside of your jacket. (later that same day) As an add on to the fan flower you build a little reservoir in it that periodically sprays a very tiny amount of potpourri or cologne. This feature could be automated or switch senistive.
Vavon, Jul 17 2001

Flower Fans http://www.rabbit-tanaka.com/98208.htm
[jutta, Jul 17 2001]


       Superb notion.
angel, Jul 17 2001

       Bravo. This conjures up images of both Harpo and Groucho Marx to me, flowers and cigars; I can see myself wearing one of your fan-flowers on my tails jacket lapel right now, just for the fun of it. As a smoker, though, I'd want to have it so the angle could be adjusted to blow away from any non-smoker companions (upwards?). I usually have to crane my neck and twist my head half-off Exorcist-style to blow my smoke up and away when I'm in a pub, so as to avoid blowing smoke in my friends' faces (some of us smokers do actually have a bit of consideration for others). So I salute you, Vavon, and a big chocolate-filled croissant for you.
Guy Fox, Jul 17 2001

       how about a stovepipe hat with the top cut out and a built-in exhaust fan in the brim for the smoker? ducting would lead the smoke into the hat, and you could then say that your friend really "smokes like a chimney".
mihali, Jul 17 2001

       I suggest a merging of this idea (mihali's stovepipe hat, I mean) with UnaBubba's Angry Young Man Hat. What could be more appropriate as an AYMH than one which was constantly fuming?
Guy Fox, Jul 17 2001

       The spraying part is already baked...Those squirting flower things that clowns wear. Except that sprays it on other people. That's OK though, other people usually stink.
MuddDog, Jul 17 2001


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