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Get it while it's cold

Jigsaw on Ice
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Our newest product is a disposable tray with a shape defining matrix (i.e. like an ice cube grid), except that each set creates a different "puzzle".

Use it with ice, jello, pudding or any other liquid prone to solidification under cold temperatures.

Then attempt to solve the puzzle without destroying or eating the pieces, and of course before they melt

Inspired by Laser-etched Jello

theircompetitor, Nov 30 2004


       The pieces could be 3D.
Ling, Nov 30 2004

       ...like those balls made out of interlocking bits of wood.
egbert, Nov 30 2004

       Sorry, but while ice is fun to sculpt, I don't think it's that much fun to pick up and move around.
jutta, Nov 30 2004

       Not unless its a "Puz-3D" of the Millenium Falcon.
Letsbuildafort, Nov 30 2004

       Cool idea
energy guy, Nov 30 2004


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