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Facebook Practical Joke Feature

A feature on facebook that occasionally exchanges the "what is on your mind" and "search" input fields
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This would serve the purpose of "outing" our thoughts and keeping people on their toes. It could be advertised as honesty-promoting or ego-disolving. I've made the mistake several times of turning to facebook with something on my mind, for instance that porn star who is running for senate, to see if she has a facebook page, and then put her name by accident into the wrong field -- the 'what is on your mind" field at the top of the facebook page and almost pressed enter, which would have resulted in my advertizing to all my friends what exactly was on my mind. And then I always think after the sweat dries and the electricity stops coursing through my nervous system, now would it really be so bad if everyone knew what was really on my mind, I mean would I die? And wouldn't everyone be benefitted if, randomly, people's "evil" thoughts were outed? This would be hard to get people to sign up for, but maybe you could pay them something to make it more attractive and fund the program from eckhart tolle's coffers or from the US Government or someone else who would benefit if people would start telling the truth more often. Come on, it is all going to come out in the end anyway. Its funny isn't it how a technological singularity scenario in which all boundaries dissolve shares alot in common with a rapture scenario where all boundaries dissolve. It almost makes you want to go to church.

You could also call this Google "Out", as in like those gay political organizations that "out" gay politicians who are not out of the closet, but with thoughts.

JesusHChrist, May 25 2009

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