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Facebook Friend-Name Quiz

Friend-name Quiz applicatioin on facebook
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Sometimes when I see a facebook friend in real life I forget their name, even though I see their name and picture on facebook every night. So if I wrote their name down on a piece of paper every time I saw them on facebook, using the old technology, then I would probably remember it a lot better. A digital way to do that would be some kind of a facebook friend name quiz - as an application that you could add on facebook. That would make you more socially adept and make the crossover from fb to real life more seemless. I am now following the lives of 283 people AND I can remember all of their names. Will someone please write this app?
JesusHChrist, Dec 23 2008


       And if you don't remember their names a few times in a row, it tells them and they get offended.   

       There's already a quiz application (by Facebook itself) that tests you on your friends' information, such as the films they like and other interests. This probably wouldn't be too hard to implement.   

       Nice idea. [+]
dbmag9, Dec 23 2008

       //applicatioin on facebook//
Some random Irish person?
coprocephalous, Dec 23 2008

       This might also work as a quiz that facebook confronts you with to prove that you actually *do* know all those people you've friended in your pathetic attempt to prove how you're not a loser with no social life. (That's you as in, anyone; no jab against the poster in particular is intended.)
jutta, Dec 23 2008

       I don't actually know 283 people, I just friended lots of friends of friends and friends of friends of friends to pump up my friend score so that I could tell somebody that I have 283 friends, but I couldn't find anyone to tell this to because I dont have any real friends, so I had to post it on this site. But having 283 "friends" is making me feel like more of a loser because none of the "friends" ever contact me or give me any friend requests back - so what is the point? I was thinking the quiz might help me force a few of them to be my real friends by putting them in the awkward situation of having someone they've never met in real life walk up to them on the street and know their name and that way I might leverage myself into their lives.
JesusHChrist, Dec 28 2008

       Isn't the idea of someone naming themselves Jesus Christ only having 283 friends somewhat ironic?
PeterSilly, Dec 28 2008

       //People are everything.//   

       Not quite, because then everything would be people and we'd never get a moment's peace, but nobody's nothing, and some people are really something.
pertinax, Dec 29 2008

       Others are just so-so.
daseva, Dec 29 2008

       2.5 years later and this still isn't baked. I am doomed to a life of social awkwardness, or three months of evenings of learning to program fb apps.
sninctown, May 10 2011

       [+] Why limit it to friends? Most Facebook profiles have a photo visible even to non-friends, so the app could include just about any profile in a face/name matching quiz. Important cocktail party coming up? Meeting at corporate headquarters? Add the people you'll see to a Facebook name quiz and you'll be sure to impress by remembering names of people you only met once a few years ago.
Capt Skinny, May 11 2011

       On first viewing I was going to vote against this but then I read JHC's anno and decided that I liked it after all. +
DrBob, May 11 2011


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